Phillips responds to Smith

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Phillips responds to Smith

We can do this: Tell Golden Boy to call Banner Promotions

Former two-time world champion Verno Phillips 40-10-1(21), immediately contacted Boxingtalk this afternoon, to give us his take on what Jr. Middleweight Contender Ishe “Sugar Shay” Smith 18-1(8) had to say about a possible showdown between the two in early December on the Winky Wright undercard in Las Vegas. “Tell Golden Boy to call Banner (Promotions) and we can make it happen,” stated Phillips. Read on….

RC: What’s going on Verno?
VP: Well you know I went on and read what your boy Ishe Smith said in his interview. He showed me respect in the interview but you need to let him know he is calling out the wrong person. You know what I mean? I don’t know who he thinks he is but hey if the money is right tell him I said sign the contract and he can get it just like JC (Candelo) and Teddy Reid

RC: You mentioned if the money is right… Ishe Smith is a very well known fighter but probably not one that you can demand a lot of money for figh…
VP: (Cutting in) what I am trying to say is, I am not fighting him for ESPN money on HBO. That’s not happening Bro.

RC: Give us your assessment on Ishe Smith as a fighter?
VP: I never really look at him, I mean I seen him on the contender and stuff like that in those short fights doing his thing. He is a good little fighter but he aint all of that. I would just take him to the deep waters. I give him props for calling me out because it seems like for some reason he calls me out in every one of his interviews. I mean… he is just asking for it. I already retired a couple fighters. Once I beat those dudes they were never the same again. If he wants to stay in the game for a little bit then he should probably call somebody else out.
I am still in this game, I am still hungry, and I have been doing my thing here against all these cats for a while now.  He even mentioned that he thought I beat Ike Quartey and I everyone knows I gave Ouma a tough fight. He said that he wants to showcase his talent against me? You can’t make me look bad in a fight, maybe someone else but not me, no one comes to fight me and steal the show. NO ONE! I have been in this game for 20 years and that never happened before. I don’t know what he is thinking

RC: What do you think the actual possibility of this fight actually taking place?
VP: Well I was laying low for a little bit so I don’t really know what is happening. All I know is that if my manager gives me the green light someone has to pay.

RC: Anything else you’d like to add Verno?
VP: I am looking forward to this fight actually happen, if the money is right then tell them to send the contract. Tell Golden Boy to call Banner (Promotions) and we can make it happen. I mean he is really picking the wrong fight he should be fighting someone on his level like Sechew Powell and them cats but tell them to send the contract.


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