Peter ready to take care of business as soon as WBC gets it together

By Brad Cooney


Peter ready to take care of business as soon as WBC gets it together

Heavyweight contender Sam Peter had a few short minutes in between training sessions to talk to Boxingtalk about his upcoming title fight against current WBC Heavyweight Champion Oleg Maskaev.  To say the least, Sam Peter has a right to be frustrated with the powers that be within the boxing world, defeating James Toney twice, and the sudden emergence of Vitali Klitschko, has delayed what most believe is an overdue world heavyweight title shot.

BC - Sam Boxingtalk reports that there is a possible purse bid delay concerning your fight against Oleg Maskaev, what are your thoughts on that?

SP - I don't know what's going on, but I haven't heard about it yet.  I will see what my managers says about that.

BC - How frustrated has it been for you waiting for your title shot this whole time?

SP - I am just waiting to see what's going to come out of all of this, were going to see.  All of these things affecting my career, but we'll just wait and see what's going to happen.

BC - After beating James Toney twice, I am guessing you're pretty hungry by now.

SP - Yes, but there was nothing else that I could do about that, I beat him twice.  We just have to wait now to see what comes out of this.

BC - How do you see yourself matching up against Oleg Maskaev?

SP - Well like my friend James Toney says, "This is my house, this is my house".  I will do what I have to do what ever it takes.  There is something to be done with Maskaev,and I will do it.

BC - What does Maskaev bring that gets your attention?

SP - The guy is a fighter, but I will just have to take of business.  There is nothing that I can do about it except fight, and when I get in there, I will fight.

BC - Sam I know you're about to get back into the gym, so I appreciate your time.

SP - Yes, sorry to cut it short.