Peter Manfredo Jr eager to face Jeff Lacy

By Brad Cooney


Peter Manfredo Jr eager to face Jeff Lacy

Boxingtalk sat down with middleweight contender Peter Manfredo Jr and got an update on what he's been doing as of late.  Manfredo is coming off of arm surgery, and recently got back into the gym to start training again.  The pride of providence makes one thing clear, he wants a crack at Jeff Lacy.  Jeff Lacy is scheduled to fight on the undercard of the Mayweather vs Hatton card, and as of so far he has no opponent.  Manfredo Jr said that he would be more than glad to be that opponent.

BT – Welcome back to Boxingtalk Peter... what's the latest?

PM –  I Just got back into the gym coming off of arm surgery.  I am training real hard again, and everything is feeling great.  I sparred a few rounds with Elvin Ayala, the kid who Sergio Mora is going to fight tomorrow.  I did pretty good for the first time being back in the ring.  I got a little tired, but that's normal being off this long.  I got the hunger back now, I took some time off, but now I am ready to go.

BT – How much was your timing off with being off so long?

PM – My timing was off a little bit, but that's obvious with the time that I was off.  I am heading out to Los Angeles to train with Freddie Roach on November 1st.  I will be working a good 3 or 4 weeks with Freddie to get me in great shape again.   Freddie gets me to that championship level like no one else, and I have no doubt that he will get me there again.  I look to fight again in December.  I know Jeff Lacy doesn't have an opponent yet for the Mayweather vs Hatton card.  I would like that fight, and if not, I'll take a tune up fight, I am ready for anything.

BT – With being off so long, do you feel that a tune up fight might be better for you rather than coming back from surgery and into a fight against Jeff Lacy?

PM – To be honest, I don't think it matters.  He's coming off surgery too, and he's not looking for a tune up.  Maybe it can be a battle of the handicapped? (laughs).  On a serious note, if that opportunity comes, I'll grab it.

BT – Is a Jeff Lacy vs Manfredo Jr fight in the works in the backgrounds Peter?

PM – As far as I know, I am not sure.  I just got back into the gym, but hopefully they are.  I am down to fight Jeff Lacy.  I would take that fight right away, I feel that I can beat him.

BT – If a contract to fight Lacy comes across your desk, you're looking for a pen aren't you?

PM – Just like the contender contract came across for the million dollars, I didn't even read it, I just signed it (laughs).  When an opportunity like that comes, you gotta take it.  I would sign it, and come up with a victory, and be back in the thick of things.

BT – If that fight goes down, how do you see that matchup?

PM – To be honest with you, I love the matchup.  Both of our styles makes for a great fight.  I am strong and have skills, and he is strong.  I got balls, so when he comes in there to hit me, I'll be swinging back.  This fight would be a great fan pleaser.  This fight has to happen, not just for us, but for the fans too.

BT – Well this fight definitely has some life to it.  There is a buzz in the air that it may happen.

PM – It's definitely going to happen, he's not going to run and I am not going to run.  This is what the fans want to see, it's going to be an action packed fight.

BT – Sergio Mora and Alfonso Gomez both fight tomorrow night.  What are your thoughts on their fights?

PM – I like these fights, I think Alfonso vs Tackie is a great fight.  I think Alfonso is ready to go, but I haven't seen Mora fight in awhile, he's been off for over a year or so.  I sparred his opponent (Ayala) and I know he's ready to go.  I want to wish good luck to the contender guys.

BT – Do you have any closing thoughts for the fans?

PM – To all my fans, I want to say thanks for the support as always.  To all the kids out there, work your hardest, and you can accomplish anything.  Stay tuned, you will hopefully see me back in the ring in December!


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