Peter, Campbell post-fight quotables


Peter, Campbell post-fight quotables

Two New Champions crowned in Cancun

Samuel Peter:  “I hit him [Maskaev] with one and I him with another.  Then I crack him up.  My jab was good and then I him in the head and break off his head.  I knew he was strong so I was careful.  I feel great.  I could fight again tomorrow.  I’m ready for anyone.”


Oleg Maskaev:  “He [Peter] didn’t knock me out.  He shook me and knocked me back and the referee did the right thing.  He was hitting me with two many punches.  I hurt him a few times, yes, but I wasn’t able to finish him. 


“I can’t blame anybody.  It was my fault.  My trainers did a good job and I failed tonight.


“I will be back.  My team and I will talk and if they want to make a few more fights we can do it.”


Nate Campbell:  “I knew he couldn’t take it.  I knew I was the bigger puncher.  I could out-box him or out-punch him.  My team and I said all along we saw a lot of hype with Juan Diaz but we didn’t see the substance.  I said I was going to take him out into the deep water and drown him and that’s what I did. 


I better have won.  I won the last five or six rounds.  I won this for Don King.  I will never disrespect him the way Juan Diaz did.  There’s a tattoo on my back that simply says, ‘fighter’ and that’s what I am and what I proved tonight.