Perez And Welliver Weigh in!


Perez And Welliver Weigh in!

"Dynamite"  Danny  Perez weighed 160 and Dewey Welliver 158 today in  Phoenix. The two will fight in the Top Rank main event Friday night at the  Arizona State Fairgrounds, live on Solo Boxeo de Miller. This is a big fight for Perez who returned to the ring in June 2004 after 10 months  off.  In September,  2003,  Perez was  stabbed five times  on a street  in San  Diego,  struck with a crowbar and left to die.

"I was in the wrong place at the wrong time," Perez said. "They said I was dead  for a few seconds  but  somehow came back to life."

"I  saw the light at the end of the tunnel that people see when they are dying,"  Perez said.  "I was ready to go to the other side...."

Instead, he awoke,  he recovered from the injuries, got back into fighting  shape and returned to the sport he loves  - boxing.

Since the incident  Perez has fought twice  -  getting a 10-round win over 14-1-1  Jose  Luis  Zertuche and a 10-round  split-win  over  16-7-2  Marcos  Primera.

Now  Perez,  28  and with a ring record of  30-4  with 17 knockouts,  takes on  Dewey Welliver who is in top condition.  Welliver has been involved  in tremendously  heated sparring  sessions  with "Pretty  Boy"  Floyd  Mayweather Jr. who has  been  training to take on Henry 'El  Nitro'  Bruseles in  Miami  on Jan.  22.

"You've  got  to  be  in  great  shape  to  just  spar  with  Mayweather,"  Welliver  said.  "It's  going  to  be  a  lot  easier  getting  into  the ring  against  Perez."