Paul Williams Ready to Step It Up Against Sharmba Mitchell

By Ryan Kennedy


Paul Williams Ready to Step It Up Against Sharmba Mitchell

Williams on Mitchell: "He's been knocked out. He'll go down."

BoxingTalk:  Sharmba Mitchell is a veteran who not too long ago took on the pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather.  Is it intimidating at all going from having just fought a fellow prospect to fighting  someone who's fought the best and has been around the block?
Paul Williams:  No sir.  When you get in the ring you just gotta fight.  It's no different from any other fight.  This is my time to shine and when I get in the ring I'm not thinking about where the other guy's been.
BoxingTalk:  I'm sure you've seen Mitchell's fights, specifically with Mayweather and Tszyu.  What techniques do you see in his game, or  flaws from those fights that you can exploit?
Paul Williams:  Mainly just keep pressing him and the man will fall.  He's been knocked out.  He'll go down.  You just gotta keep coming after a guy like that.
BoxingTalk:  Is it exciting to know that you're at a point in your career where you're looking to beat a guy who's only lost to P4P kings?  I mean if you beat him you'll be the only guy besides Mayweather and Tszyu to do so in over a decade.
Paul Williams:  It'll definitely feel good to put that on my resume but I ain't really thinking about lining myself with those guys right now.  I just want the belts and this is the next step to do get there.
BoxingTalk:  Do you think that kind of victory on your resume should earn you a shot at the title?
Paul Williams:  Absolutely.  Champions should fight the best and if I go through Mitchell that should put me out there.  If I'm doing what I've gotta do, they've gotta do what they've gotta do and give me a shot.
BoxingTalk:  Who would you be hoping to fight within the next two years?
Paul Williams:  I'd like to fight Gatti, Margarito...I even feel ready to fight De La Hoya.  Margarito is my top guy but it doesn't look like he wants to fight anyone.
BoxingTalk:  Your last fight was against another undefeated fighter with a 25-0 record very similar to your own.  What does it feel like destroying the dreams of a fellow established prospect much like yourself?
Paul Williams:  Not much, just that knocking him out proved I'm not a bum.  I put in the time, the training, and it was my night.  It was another big step up but I knew I was gonna beat him.  It just proved even more to me that any man at 147 lbs, I can take him out.
BoxingTalk:  What boxers inspired you growing up?
Paul Williams:  No one in particular.  I was more drawn to just getting in the ring and fighting.  The training and competition of it all.
BoxingTalk:  Any boxing memories growing up?  Favorite fights that have stuck out?
Paul Williams:  Leonard - Duran, Leonard - Hagler, Hagler - Hearns.  Tommy Hearns is my man.  Holyfield - Tyson.  All the great fights.  The classics.
BoxingTalk:  1964 Muhammad Ali vs. 1988 Mike Tyson.  Who wins?
Paul Williams:  I'd have to go with Ali.  The boxer is always gonna take out the slugger.
BoxingTalk:  Any last words, shout outs, anything you want to put in Mitchell's head before the fight?
Paul Williams:  Just to bring his A-game because I'm bringing mine.  And after this I want Margarito.
BoxingTalk:  Thanks for you time with us, Paul.
Paul Williams:  No problem.


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