Paul "The Punisher Williams" Responds to Margarito and Arum

By Darren Nichols


Paul "The Punisher Williams" Responds to Margarito and Arum

"I didn’t know his heart pumped Kool-Aid. They call him the Tijuana Tornado, but they’re going to have to change his name."

So far in his career, powerhouse welterweight Paul "The Punisher" Williams has defeated every man who has been willing to step in the ring with him.  However, Williams feels that Antonio Margarito and Bob Arum's Top Rank are doing everything in their power to keep the WBO 147-pound titlist (who may be vacating the title to avoid Williams) away from the dangerous Punisher.  Boxingtalk recently spoke with Williams to get his thoughts on facing Margarito, what would happen if they were to meet each other in the ring, and why Williams feels Margarito has too much intelligence to ever fight him.

BT:  Paul, there has been a lot of talk lately about you facing Antonio Margarito recently but words like “purse bid,” “mandatory,” “vacate,” and “ducking” have been used in these discussions.  What are your personal thoughts about facing Margarito?

Paul Williams:  I knew the fight wasn’t going to happen after he leaped frog me to fight Joshua Clottey last December.  I was the #1 mandatory a couple months before he fought Clottey, but I knew when I was in California, when I put that spanking on him, they weren’t going to fight me.  They’re intelligent people, and they have too much intelligence to fight me.

BT:  You are referring to the sparring sessions you had here in California with Margarito.  For those who don’t know, talk about what happened.

Paul Williams:  To make a long story short, we were supposed to be out there for a month to help Margarito get ready for his fight.  However, after a couple days of walking out with bragging rights after each session, and even knocking him down in one session they told me they didn’t need my services anymore.  They said I was beating up on their guy too bad.  I couldn’t believe I was doing that to the guy who is supposed to be the most feared welterweight.  I want this guy.

BT:  Is Margarito on the top of your list for potential opponents, or is there someone else you would like to prove your talents against?

Paul Williams:  I want that win over Margarito.  I want to make history of being the best.  They say he’s the best, but I’ve been calling him out for over a year.  Since he’s the most feared fighter out there I want him.  I want to start at the top.  I had him classified as a top opponent, but I didn’t know his heart pumped Kool-Aid.  They call him the Tijuana Tornado, but they’re going to have to change his name.

BT:  Right now Margarito is slated to face Miguel Cotto in June.  Bob Arum has recently said that maybe you can face the winner somewhere down the line.  How much will you and your promoter Goossen Tutor pursue a match with Margarito or Cotto after their fight?

Paul Williams:  We are going to unify all the belts at 147.  That’s our whole approach.  Whoever has the 147-pound belts, we’re coming after you.

BT:  In Sharmba Mitchell and Walter Matthysse you faced and defeated some good competition in 2006.  How do you see 2007 going for you?

Paul Williams:  There will be big things for us in “207.”  We’re going to go forward and our mission is to unify the welterweight division and dominate.

BT:  Your last five fights have ended in knockout victories.  Do you feel that these results are simply based on the fact that your opponents could not handle your power?

Paul Williams:  It’s a number of things.  We train for each opponent.  My trainer, George Peterson conditions me for each fighter.  I’m getting more comfortable with each fight, and we improve on each and every fight I have. 

BT:  If you could speak with Margarito yourself, what would you tell him?

Paul Williams: We’ll follow him wherever he goes.  If he moves to middleweight, I’ll be there.  If he moves up to light heavyweight, I’ll be there.  He could even go to heavyweight, and I’ll be there.  We’re comin’!!!


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