Paco Pointing Fingers At Guerrero!

By Ricardo Lois


Paco Pointing Fingers At Guerrero!

In a story that is becoming more interesting every day, Puerto Rican newspaper, El Nuevo Dia is reporting that WBO. President Francisco "Paco" Valcarcel believes Rafael Guerrero has fabricated the rape allegations against him in the Dominican Republic. El Nuevo Dia reporter Carlos Rosa reports that Valcarcel said Guerrero made calls to certain Miami-based individuals in which Guerrero allegedly talked of setting up the WBO President. When contacted by Boxingtalk yesterday, Valcarcel hinted at Guerrero's involvement without actually mentioning his name. 
The next question for boxing fans is who is Rafael Guerrero and does he have an axe to grind with Valcarcel?  As Boxingtalk readers may remember, Guerrero is the manager of WBO junior featherweight champion Joan Guzman.   The conflict between Guerrero and Valcarcel has been outlined on Boxingtalk throughout the year. Simply stated, Guerrero claims that Valcarcel has aimed to hurt the career of Guzman. According to Guerrero, Guzman was forced by Valcarcel to sign a promotional contract with Frank Warren in 2001. When Guzman signed a new promotional deal with Sycuan's Ringside Promotions in 2003, Guerrero believes Valcarcel tried to block Guzman from advancing his career.  However, Valcarcel has denied on several occasions that he has any desire to hurt the career of Guzman.

The Dominican based Guerrero has been called several times this morning with no answer, but stay tuned to Boxingtalk for further details as they break.  Boxingtalk has received legal documents from the Dominican Republic, outlining the case against Valcarcel. Stay tuned for a complete report on these documents.


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