Ouma to Spinks: "I want my title back!"

By G. Leon


Ouma to Spinks: "I want my title back!"

GL: The last time we spoke, I told you about some of the mistakes Winky Wright felt you made in your fight with Jermain Taylor. You said you would love to see what Winky could teach you. When I spoke with Winky yesterday, I mentioned to him the possibility of fighting you and he basically told me that he's looking for the Jermain Taylor rematch, but if that doesn't happen he's going to fight whomever HBO wants him to fight. "Well G it's like I said, I would love to see what he could teach me. I've been back in the gym and I'm here and I'm out and about to show the world what they want to see. Winky is like a big brother to me in the gym. He promised me that when we fought we would make a lot of money and we've waited long enough. Hopefully he wants to step up and make it happen because his little brother is hungry and a long way from home."

GL: You lost your IBF title to Roman Karmazin. As you know Cory Spinks defeated Roman Karmazin and he holds the title that once belonged to you. Spinks has a mandatory coming up on February 3, and if he wins that fight he's going to be first trying to make fights with some of the bigger names, but if they're still unwilling to fight him his manager and trainer Kevin Cunningham told me they would have no problem defending their title against you. In fact Kevin said Cory would take you to school. How do you feel about a potential fight with Cory Spinks and is that a fight you'd like to make?

Kassim Ouma: "Hey, I'm here to learn and if he could take me to school I would love to learn because I am a student of the game. I'm not Muhammad Ali, I'm just a student. I know he has a fight with his mandatory challenger, but I would love to fight him and if that's something he wants to do I would love to make it happen because he beat the guy who beat me so that makes him the man at 154."

GL: Would a fight with Cory Spinks be the best way for you to show the fans that what happened to you against Roman Karmazin was a fluke?

KO: "I don't make no excuses so the best man wins always. Karmazin beat me and Cory Spinks took the belt from him. Roman Karmazin never wanted to give me a rematch, but if Cory Spinks wants to fight that's what's up."

GL: How do you think a fight between you and Cory Spinks plays out?

KO: "I rather show it in the ring than talk about it, but I want my title back so if that's a fight that they really wanted, all they had to do was ask, I just hope their promoter doesn't want options on all of my next fights. I want to fight whichever person HBO wants to buy for good money. Right now I'm the new kid on their block, but I want to stay there."

GL: Before we went on the record you told me that you just got back from the gym. I imagine you're keeping yourself in shape, when would you like your next fight to take place?

KO: "Tomorrow G. If it was up to me I would fight tomorrow, I'm a warrior and I want to give the fans what they want to see once a week if it was up to me."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

KO: "Stay on Boxingtalk, my boy G. Leon is going to give you all the fresh information on Kassim the Dream...Dream On Worldwide, I'm out."


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