Ouma dreaming about becoming Mora's Nightmare

By G. Leon


Ouma dreaming about becoming Mora's Nightmare

GL:  Here with Kassim Ouma, right after his press conference to announce his September 15th fight Segio Mora.  Can we have some thoughts on the fight? "They bring a guy, I'm going to fight him.  The guy's a middleweight, he says he's going to come after me because I throw a lot.  I'm going to go for whatever he brings to the table.  The contender is not going to be a TV show, it's going to be real life.  Real boxing, we're going to make it happen."

GL:  Styles make fights, you're a straight forward kind of fighter.  Sergio Mora's a boxer, some people think he could be a stylistic problem for you.  How do you feel about that?

KO:  I'm a boxer too, I can box.  I'll probably show and prove that I can do it.  Styles make fights, I'm coming with a different style.

GL:  You've made it clear you're looking for the bigger names.  You want to fight Mosley, Mayweather, you want to fight even your promoter if he would fight you.  How do you feel about mentioning names like that and then fighting Sergio Mora?  Are you dissapointed, or do you feel that he's on that level?

KO:  I'm looking forward to fights that give me the opportunity to move ahead.  To be a fighter, and stay in the ring.  I haven't been in there since last year.  Hopefully the next fight for me will be a middleweight again.  I asked  for the smaller guys, I didn't get it, but I'm trying to stay in the ring.

GL:  Does your fight with Mora go the distance?  Will it go 12 rounds?

KO:  I don't want to predict anything.  I'm just going to go in there and fight.  He has his fans, if my fans want me deliver, I'll deliver.

GL:  We're going to have a lot more of you on BoxingTalk in the weeks coming up to fight.  Any closing thoughts for the fans?

KO:  My fans know already, I love you so much.  BoxingTalk, thank you for supporting me.  Uganda, your boy is bringing it home.  How about that?


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