Ouma: I want to fight Winky Wright!

By G. Leon


Ouma: I want to fight Winky Wright!

GL: What's the latest Kassim? "The latest is everything is really good over here, I've been keeping myself in shape and I'm ready to get back in the ring to do what I have to do for my people. I'm just looking for a fight, I don't know who is going to fight, but I want my fans on Boxingtalk to tell me who they want to see me fight. I want the fans to tell me who I fight next. My promoter is Oscar De La Hoya and if he wins his next fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr, I would love to fight him."

GL: Have you been in touch with your manager and promoter to find out when you're going to get back in the ring?

Kassim Ouma: "I've been on top of them and I've been asking, it's almost like I'm begging and I hate to beg, but right now I don't know."

GL: The last time we spoke you expressed interest in fighting Winky Wright, Ike Quartey and Cory Spinks. Has anything changed since then?

KO: "Pretty much Winky is number one on my list. Ike Quartey is another fight out there and I would love to make it happen. Cory Spinks has what I want, he has my belt so I go back down to junior middleweight he's somebody I want to fight. If I stay at middleweight I would love to fight Winky."

GL: Do you plan on fighting at 154 in your next fight?

KO: "I plan on fighting at whatever it is. I could go 154 or 160 and either way I would be ready. I have 147 out of my mind, but I can fight at 54 or 60 no problem."

GL: When is the soonest you can return to the ring?

KO: "If they gave me a fight today, I'd be ready to start training tomorrow. I know my fans are missing me and I want to open up the year that just started. Maybe fighting at 160 will make me a big boy, but I want to fight Winky Wright."

GL: Shane Mosley fights Collazo in Las Vegas next week. If he moves back up to 154 is that a fight you'd like to make?

KO: "If he moves back up to 154 I would love to fight him, but Shane Mosley is my homeboy and he told me to my face that he wouldn't fight me. I don't see why though, but he told me he wouldn't fight me. And like I said I would love to fight the winner if De La Hoya-Mayweather and if they want to put me on the undercard of that fight that would be very good also."


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