Ouma: "I'm ready to see what Winky can teach me!"

By G. Leon


Ouma: "I'm ready to see what Winky can teach me!"

GL: It's been a week since you fought Jermain Taylor. How have people been receiving you since the fight? "Well you know right now I'm feeling really good because everywhere I go people are showing me love. Now I'm getting to spend some time with my kids, we're going to the movies and doing things together so I'm really happy right now."

GL: EVen though you lost the fight a lot of people feel that your stock went up because of the heart you showed.

Kassim Ouma: "Being that I'm the guy who came up from 154 to fight the champion at 160, the fans know what the sport is like and they know I'm here to make it happen and fight the way they want to see."

GL: Do you plan on moving down to 154?

KO: "I don't know yet, but I'm ready to make any fight at 154 that the fans want to see. I'll fight anybody at 154 or 160."

GL: If you couldn't secure a marquee fight at 154 would you be willing to fight Winky Wright at 160?

KO: "I'll fight Winky tomorrow if he would give me a fight. Fighting Winky would not be a problem at all, so Winky if you want to fight, let's do this."

GL: Are there any other names you're gunning for?

KO: "You know G I don't really want to call anyone out by name because when I do they start to shit their pants. I want the boxing fans to make the fights for me. I want the writers and Boxingtalk to make the fights for me. I will fight anybody out there from 154-160."

GL: Your manager Tom Moran mentioned the possibility of you fighting at 147, can you really go that low?

KO: "I might be able to make the weight, but I won't be myself. I'm here and I'm here to stay so whoever wants me at 154 and 160. I'm a long way from home and I'm ready to make it happen."

GL: You've fought Kofi Jantuah, Sechew Powell and Jermain Taylor who are all promoted by Lou DiBella. Ike Quartey is the only junior middleweight that Lou has who you haven't fought. How do you feel about that fight?

KO: "First of all big props to Lou DiBella for not being afraid to put his guys in there with me. I would love to fight IKe Quartey and I know that would be a fight, the kind of fight that the fans want to see."

GL: Do you think your fighter with Jermain would have turned out differently if the ref didn't allow him to hold so much?

KO: "If they would allow me to fight inside it would have been different, but I'm going to leave that alone because I want to fight him again sometime. That's a rematch that I Want and I'm going to beat everyone to get it."

GL: Winky said you did a good job, but you showed your inexperience by allowing Taylor to tie you up so easily.

KO: "Winky is my big brother and he's right probably. I have a lot more stuff to learn. I let him beat me like that and Winky didn't so he could say that because he has that experience. Winky has been in the game for a long time, but I'm ready to see how I match-up against his experience to see what he can teach me."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

KO: "To the Boxingtalk fans, I love you and keep reading and doing what you do. If anyone thinks I'm gone, I'm not still here and I"m not going nowhere. Bring the fights and I'll take them. Stay tuned to Boxingtalk.com and Dream On Worldwide."


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