Oscar De La Hoya: "I plan on fighting two or three times next year...maybe I'll take a tune-up first"

By G. Leon


Oscar De La Hoya: "I plan on fighting two or three times next year...maybe I'll take a tune-up first"

Is your favorite boxing website next up on Oscar's shopping list?

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on the Fireworks show getting cancelled? "Obviously we were extremely disappointed when we first heard about Marquez's hand. But you have to look out for the fighter, you have to respect the fighters decision. When he sent the pictures over, this was an injury that there was no way he could fight. We were disappointed and it's a big Mexican weekend, and it was going to be a great card from top to bottom in Vegas. But things happen and I believe they happen for a reason."

GL: I understand Marquez-Juarez and Guerrero-Honorio will now take place on Showtime November 3.

Oscar De La Hoya: "Exactly. Showtime has the dates available and as promoters looking out for our fighters and doing right for our fighters, we obviously jumped on the opportunity. Marquez is extremely happy and very grateful that we found a spot for him to fight Rocky Juarez."

GL: Can you comment any on the Ring Magazine purchase?

ODLH: "On the Ring Magazine purchase we're extremely excited. For me this is a dream come true, from reading the Ring Magazine to now owning it, it really is a dream come true. We want to take it to the next level. We want to expand their circulation. The people at Ring Magazine have been doing a tremendous job with Nigel, who is a respectable person and we just want to take it to another level. We're putting our heads together and thinking of ideas where hopefully the fans can benefit."

GL: There's going to be people out there who view that as a conflict of interest and expect the magazine to be very favorable to Golden Boy fighters.

ODLH: "Absolutely not the case. We don't want any say with the editorial part of it. The Ring Magazine is going to be a magazine where whoever is on the cover and whoever is being mentioned in the magazine, it's because they deserve it. That's what the Ring Magazine is all about. It's a prestigious magazine, the ratings are honest and not manipulated in any way whatsoever, so that's what's going to continue."

GL: Now that you've got the Bible of Boxing under your belt, which is a respectable publication with respectable rankings, when will the Quran and Torah, known as Boxingtalk become your newest acquisition?

ODLH: "When you keep doing the right thing for the sport, good things happen. I feel that people continue to go to your website because they want to know what's going on in boxing, they want the truth from the fighters and it's an honest website. It's information that people want to read and it's the same with the Ring Magazine. We at Golden Boy Promotions have been doing the right thing for four years and look at our success."

GL: It speaks for itself Oscar.

ODLH: "It speaks for itself because we do the right thing for the fans."

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on the three huge PPV events coming up?

ODLH: "It really doesn't get any better than that. I'm sure next year it will, but boxing is alive and well. These fights are tremendous fights where the boxing fans is actually going to be happy paying that PPV money. They're going to have no doubt that they're in for tremendous fights. The beautiful thing with the Top Rank and Golden Boy relationship, not only the main event will be great, but the whole card from top to bottom. With Bruce Trampler at Top Rank and Eric Gomez at Golden Boy, we're going to putting together some great fights that people are going to enjoy."

GL: What are Barrera's chances of turning the tables on Pacquiao?

ODLH: "You know what? I keep on hearing on Manny Pacquiao's side that he's been busy and there's his fans all over the place. Training in your hometown makes things different. When I train at Big Bear and I'm able to get secluded, you tend to focus on the task at hand more. With Pacquiao being an icon in the Philippines, there's a lot of distractions out there for him. You have Marco Antonio Barrera as serious as he can be, convinced that he's going to win this fight and it's obviously not impossible. The more I hear about Pacquiao's distractions, the more I think he can pull off the upset."

GL: How much of an impact will the December 8 fight have on who you're going to be fighting next?

ODLH: "It doesn't have an impact whatsoever. Right now I'm busy working with my foundation and growing Golden Boy Promotions. I am keeping myself in great shape and thinking about my future inside the ring. I don't want to fight only one time next year, I want to fight two or three times next year. I want to have a tune-up fight. I've never had a tune up fight in my life. Well maybe I've had two or three."

GL: Yory Boy Campas was a tune-up.

ODLH: "There's been fights like that, but not often. I think it will be fair for me to even fight on free TV or cable TV and have one of those fights where I can take the rust out of me and then go on to the bigger fights."

GL: Winky Wright is solely focused on a fight with you. Is there any chance of that happening? Is he even on your radar?

ODLH: "No. There's no chance of it whatsoever. I'm a fighter who's going to be moving down to 147 pounds, so there's no chance whatsoever."

GL: Who do you like in Mayweather-Hatton?

ODLH: "I'm liking Hatton. The fact that he's a bigger, stronger, faster Castillo, I think when Castillo fought Mayweather he had a good plan for him, attack, attack and attack. He was in great shape and Hatton is the same kind of fighter and he's going to be on top of him. Hatton is learning and growing and getting more experience and this is a fight where somebody's 0 has got to go."

GL: When you say take the rust off, I imagine you mean at welterweight since you fought four months ago, correct?

ODLH: "Right."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

ODLH: "Everything is moving forward. When I kept on mentioning that we want to do the right thing for boxing and we want to take it to the next level, these type of acquisitions like the one with the Ring Magazine is what I was talking about. People are going to ask their questions, but I'm more than happy to answer any questions that anybody has. We have nothing to hide."


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