Oscar De La Hoya: Every Single Minute of my day, it's all Mayweather!

By Ramon Rodriguez


Oscar De La Hoya: Every Single Minute of my day, it's all Mayweather!

BT:  BoxingTalk.com here with the Golden Boy himself Oscar De La Hoya.  Oscar, tell me, what did Floyd tell you when he came up, and approached you real closely? "Well, it's the same thing.  I'm actually getting fed up with it.  Actually, I'm fed up with it.  I'm just smiling now. About how he's going to beat me up,  about he's going to do this and he's, I think he was saying he's the truth. Something like that, but after you hear it for several days it gets old. "

BT:  Do you expect hear anything more blatant from him?

ODLH:  Yeah, absolutely.  I was very surprised, after every city that goes by, he's not trash talking as much.  We're here in Miami. I don't know if he was nervous, because in New York he was jumping everywhere and he's nervous.  That energy is just nerves, he can't control himself. It's okay.  I understand he's a great fighter, he's a good fighter,  but on May 5th, we'll show him. 

BT:  Compare Mayweather's trash talk to Mayorga's, who do you think is more offensive, more annoying to you?

ODLH:  This one's annoying.  That's what it is.  He's done his job good, he's got under my skin.  Done deal.  I'm set to go back to the gym, and every single minute of my day, it's all Mayweather. 

BT:  Freddy Roach told me you guys have started working together. What's the combination you guys have together?

ODLH:  We clicked right from the get go.  I love the way he works the mitts.  I love the way he has those stategies.  And Mayweather will be in for a treat.