One one One with Omar Sheika

By Dominic Fernandez


One one One with Omar Sheika

A lot of people tend to fold when the going gets tough,  Omar Sheika is not one of themSheika has seen his fair share of crossroads and lets his feelings be known about the state of boxing, his third fight with Scott Pemberton as well as his thoughts on  the current title holders in the super middleweight division. 

Dominic Fernandez: Omar, tell the boxing public what's going on with you right now.
Omar Sheika: In preparing for my third and final fight with Scott Pemberton.
 D.F. When you say final fight, you mean your going to retire?
 O.S. No way man.  I mean my last and final fight with Pemberton,  cause what I have in store for him I'll be done with him once and for all.
 D.F. I know about your last two fights with Pemberton, what does he bring to the table that makes him who he is?
 O.S.: His Heart.  He's alot like me and he's very aggressive.  He comes to fight with his all by bringing everything to the table.  He's the type of fighter that you have to straight out destroy.
 D.F. You've been in the ring with the likes of Glen Johnson, Joe Calzaghe, Eric Lucas, Jeff Lacy, but would you say  Pemberton is the toughest opponent you've been in the ring with?
 O.S.:  Yes he is.
 D.F.:  If you win this fight you become the mandatory challenger for the W.B.C. title.  Any words out there for Markus Beyer?
 O.S.:  Yes that;s correct, I'll be the number 1 contender.  Markus Beyer is who'll I'll fight next but then again I'll fight any of the current title holders out there.  I'm talking about Jeff Lacy.  Me and him have some unfinished business to attend to.  Jeff Lacy knows he didn't win that fight between me and him.  The judges may have given it to him but hes own people told him he didn't win that fight.  So there's no question me and him have some unfinished business to deal with.
 D.F.:  So your telling me you feel you should have been awarded the victory with Lacy?
 O.S.:  Yes, I won 7 rounds out of the twelve easily.  I took the first 6 rounds and yeah he came on strong in the later rounds but I still pushed the action the entire fight.  Lacy is a good fighter and we both have similar styles but I'm better than him.  He just has one style and that is to knock your head off. I can do that but I move alot more also.
 D.F.:  So what do you make of Lacy's proposal to fight Bernard Hopkins?
 O.S.:  Man that's not a real champion.  When your champion you should handle all unfinished business before you go attend new business.  I'm telling you all these fighters talk alot about this and that but once it comes down to signing that paper they cant back it up. 
 D.F.: Having to endure with such close defeats it has to have taken a toll on you?
 O.S.:  Well its heartbreaking but I truly believe I'm destined to become World Champion.  So this is what continues to drive me and motivate me.  Like my good friend Arturo Gatti he has stood the test of time and gone threw all these obstacles and look at him today, He's World Champion.
  D.F.:  So I take it your rooting for Gatti on the 25th of June?
  O.S.:  I know Mayweather and I respect him but I'll be rooting for Gatti.  Just the story alone about Gatti is great for boxing.
  D.F.:  Speaking about boxing, what continues to prevent the sport of boxing from blossoming?
  O.S.:  All these bad decisions that take place in our sport.  I still have people today come up to me and say "Is Boxing Still Fixed?" Its all these dirty promoters also who bring down the sport of boxing.  That's why its a relief to see DeLaHoya and Hopkins making a move on the promotion banner.
 D.F.:  You believe DeLaHoya and Hopkins forming a partnership good for boxing?

 O.S.:  Yes I do.  Their fighters and they know what it is to be a fighter.  These promoters only care about money.  Once the fighters cant make any more money for these promoters the promoters throw them away like trash.  With Oscar and Bernard they know what it took to get where they are at today.  So they can relate with the fighter on all the ends and outs of the game.  For the fighters its a very good feeling to know that somebody is looking out for them. 
 D.F.:  So whats going to happen on the night of June 4th?
 O.S.:  I'm going to shock all who watch my fight on the 4th of June.