One on one with Marshall Kauffman!

By Dominic Fernandez


One on one with Marshall Kauffman!

Boxingtalk spoke with Kermit Cintron trainer Mashall Kauffman just days before Cintron's career defining bout with WBO welterweight champion Antonio Margarito. You don't want to miss what one of the most underrated trainers in the game had to say.

Dominic Fernandez:  Marshall how long have you been involved in Kermit's boxing career?

MK: Ever since the first time he put on a pair of boxing gloves. I want to say back in February of 1999.
DF:  He turned pro not to long after that didn't he?
MK:  He turned pro In 2000.
DF:  So with so little experience with the sport what major strides have you seen Kermit make since that first day he put on a pair of boxing gloves?
MK:  A lot.  I've seen him grow in so many ways.  Hes matured allot inside and outside the ring which has extremely helped him with his career.  He makes good adjustments and has allot of patience.
DF: This fight with Antonio, what does Margarito bring to this fight that makes him who he is?
MK: Antonio is a really good fighter.  He does so many things right in the ring but he also does allot of things wrong.  I'm not going to take anything away from Margarito but to us he is the best 147 pounder in the world up until April 23rd.
DF: Saying that what does Kermit need to do to defeat Antonio?
MK: Now come on now I cant give away my fighters game plan before the fight. Bottom line:  On April 23rd we will be victorious.
DF: So whats your plans once you have defeated Margarito?
MK: Well we are not looking past Margarito but we would love a unification fight with Zab Judah.  But keep in mind we are not looking past Margarito.
DF: I understand.  Now with Kermit being Puerto Rican and Antonio being of Mexican heritage. Does Kermit see this fight as another awesome chapter between the great Mexican and Puerto Rican rivalry?
MK: No, Kermit does not see it like that.  He sees it as Him against Antonio.  Nothing more. 
DF: So he doesn't see it like how Trinidad saw his fights with Oscar and Vargas?
MK: Not at all.
DF: Have Felix Trinidad and Miguel Cotto reached out at all towards Kermit?
MK: Yes, Cotto saw him at Press Conference and they spoke for awhile and Trinidad invited Kermit to his gym and welcomed him with open arms.
DF: Was Kermit excited when he heard the news that both Oscar and Shane were coming back down to 147?
MK: Yes he was.  We were very excited to hear the news that both Shane and Oscar were coming back down to welterweight.  In the future we hope to get the chance to fight both of them.
DF: Which fighter or fighters does Kermit admire the most?
MK: Margarito, no I'm joking!!  Felix Trinidad is his favorite.
DF: So would you say that he fits that type of style like a Trinidad?
MK: Really he fits between De La hoya's and Trinidad's.  He can punch and he can box.
DF: Thats kind of a scary thought?
MK: I agree.
DF: With Kermit only being 25 years old and still growing where do you see him finishing off his career?
MK: In time we will move up to 154 and then fight at middleweight.