One on one with Jermain Taylor

By Jose Aguirre


One on one with Jermain Taylor

JA: How satisfied are you that this fight is happening and what can you tell us about having the chance to face Bernard Hopkins, a fighter who has been champion for many, many, many years? "I feel like it's going to be a great experience. It's a dream come true. He's a great champion. It's going to be a sad night when a great champion takes a fall and he loses. It has to happen because that's what champions are made for. There could be other champions and another champion after me."

JA: We have seen Bernard in the ring many times for many years. He has defended his title twenty times, this being the twenty first. He's captured four titles including the WBO, something that has never been done before. How honored are you to get this chance to face him and possibly becoming the undisputed middleweight champion?

JT:"I am very honored. Like I said he's a great champion. It's an honor to even be at the press conference. He's defended his title so many times that I just
hope I can hold on to a title for as long as he did."

JA: We've seen him in the ring so what do you expect from Bernard Hopkins come July 6?

JT:"I expect Bernard to be in the best shape of his life. I expect him to be on point and just come to fight."

JA: People say you still make mistakes like pulling back on your right hand when you jab. Are these some of the things that you're working on in the gym before you step in the ring with Bernard Hopkins?

JT:"Actually I have been working on alot of things. I feel like I do alot of things wrong but I also do alot of things right. Those things that I do right could help
me to win the fight."

JA: In your last fight you fought Daniel Edouard, what can you tell us about that fight and how it played out?

JT:"He was a great fighter. He came to fight but I took him out early. He's a great fighter I take nothing away from him."

JA: If and when you do defeat Bernard Hopkins how long do you plan on staying at the top of the middleweight division?

JT:"For as long as I can. I love the sport of boxing period. I plan on staying around thi sport as long as I can."

JA: So Jermain is there anything you want to say to your fans and the people all around the world on

JT:"To all my fans out there you all can expect a great fight. I will be world champion on the 16th."


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