One on One with The Bobfather

By G. Leon


One on One with The Bobfather

GL: The theory is that after killing himself to make lightweight for so many years, Jose Luis Castillo will be a lot stronger with the extra five pounds he now has to work with. However, I've been hearing rumblings that Castillo could be having trouble making 140. Are you concerned about another potential disaster when he steps on the scale? "Well you know, there's always concern with Castillo. Based on what's happened in the past to say that there's no concern, I'd be fudging the truth. But we've had people working with him in his camp and they have told us that he's going to make the weight without any particular problem. These are people we sent in who we can rely on and that's basically all I can say. Once he gets here on Sunday the Commission will weigh him on Tuesday or Wednesday after what happened in the past, so everyone is taking the necessary precautions."

GL: Obviously the plan is for Hatton and Castillo to fight each other if they win their January 20 fights...

Bob Arum: "That's correct and it's a done deal if they both win. The fight would probably take place in Las Vegas and it would take place on June 2."

GL: What can you tell us about the March 3 fight with Miguel Cotto?

Bob Arum: "Miguel Cotto will be making his mandatory against Oktay Urkal and Antonio Margarito will be fighting in the co-feature against an opponent who will be named later this week."

GL: Since Margarito is not making his mandatory against Paul Williams, does that mean he is going to vacate his title?

Bob Arum: "No, but he's going to ask for an exception."

GL: To fight who?

Bob Arum: "A ten round fight. If they both win on March 3 they'll fight on June 9. If it's a unification fight it's a unification fight, if not they'll both be in the same ring. If it's not a unification fight you only have to pay one sanction fee."

GL: As you know Dan Goossen and Paul Williams have been making it crystal clear that they feel Margarito is ducking him. I read Steve Kim's piece where you said they never made you an offer. The question I have, since you represent the champion isn't the champion supposed to make the offer to the mandatory challenger and not the other way around?

Bob Arum: "It's a situation where that fight really doesn't merit a lot of money and the name of the game is money. It's different from the Mayweather situation because I was putting up my own money."

GL: From a business standpoint does this boil down to why should we put Margarito in a risky fight with Williams when we can preserve a bigger fight with Cotto?

BA: "Margarito's not ready to fight a fight for more than ten rounds at this particular time, not matter who it is."

GL: Do you expect him to still hold his WBO title on March 3?

BA: "I don't know, but that's not my decision or concern."

GL: Margarito not making his mandatory to fight a ten round fight leads me to believe that Williams and Goossen will say actions speak louder than words and Margarito would rather give up his title than fight Paul Williams.

BA: (cutting in) "That's fine he could say Margarito is ducking him all he wants. When we get the Cotto-Margarito fight done if he's still around as a viable opponent we'll match him with either of them."

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