One on One with Sechew Powell

By G. Leon


One on One with Sechew Powell

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on your victory over Ishe Smith? "Absolutely. I was very happy with the win. I went out there with a very awkward Ishe Smith and he fought a very boring fight. I tried to make the fight and I landed the cleaner blows. I wanted to knock him out and I wanted to put some more fire on top of him, but at the end of the day I'm happy with the win and his face still told the story of the fight."

GL: I didn't see the fight yet, but a few people I've spoken with have told me that they feel the scoring was a bit wide. How do you feel about that? Do you feel the judges had it accurately?

Sechew Powell: "I think the judges had it right. All the rounds they gave me were the rounds where I landed the cleaner blows. I outpunched him every round and I threw and landed more punches in every round and that's why I feel I got the decision the judges gave to me."

GL: Have there been any talks with your promoter discussing your next move as of yet?

SP: "We haven't sat down and spoken about anything at this stage, but I expect we'll be in touch with each other really soon. I'm looking forward to my next fight and I would love to fight for a title. I'm willing to fight anybody. I step in there with all types of fighters."

GL: Was the fight more difficult than you expected coming in?

SP: "I knew it was going to be a tough fight and I knew he had an awkward style. I've seen him do rounds of sparring which he has all over the internet for everyone to see. I peeped his style and I knew it was going to be an awkward fight, but I went out there and got the win clearly on all judges scorecards. Anybody who watched the fight without any bias knows that I won the fight for landing the cleaner blows."

GL: Who are some of the 154 pounders that you'd like to fight?

SP: "Any of those guys that have the belt are fine for me. If not I'm going to continue to work my way up those rankings towards the fight."

GL: How do you feel about a fight between you and Vernon Forrest?

SP: "If the paperwork is right I'd love to fight him. It would put me in a better position. If it couldn't be him, I'm looking for anybody of some recognition. I want the people up at the top of the division. I'm willing to fight either one of these champions now. With this win, I got the monkey off my back. I came off a rough fight with Kassim Ouma who was a tough guy, who might have been a bit more seasoned than me at the time. Ishe wasn't my best showing, but it was a victory and it's clear I won the fight so I'm pleased with the win."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

SP: "I want to thank all the people out there who supported me through this fight. There was a lot of people out there who didn't want me to win. I always appreciate the love from Boxingtalk even though Benn Schulberg needs to visit an eye-doctor"


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