One on One with Ozell Nelson

By Brad Cooney


One on One with Ozell Nelson caught up with Jermain Taylor chief adviser Ozell Nelson and got an update on Jermain's training camp. Ozell makes it official that famed fight trainer Emmanuel Steward will be in Jermain's camp, and is scheduled to be with Jermain next weekend. Jermain will put his titles on the line against the punching machine Kasim Ouma (25-2-15K0-1D) on December 9th in Little Rock Arkansas.

BT - Not much Ozell, tell us how Jermains' training camp is coming along.

ON - Jermains' camp is coming along real well, I am waiting for Emmanuel Steward to get here next weekend, as of right now his camp is going real good.

BT - Ozell so you're just filling in until Manny gets there right ?

ON - That's right.

BT - Ozell how do you guys prepare for Ouma, this guy throws like a thousand punches per fight ?

ON - Well right now I am working with Jermain on staying off of the ropes, and angles. We know that Jermain won't throw as many punches, so we'll counter, we'll stay off of the ropes, and Jermain will give Ouma a boxing lesson.

BT - Jermain is bigger and stronger, with a reach advantage. When you look at Jermains' size, and Oumas' style, are you predicting a knockout ?

ON - A good possibility, but we are not going out there looking for the knockout. We are not going to just try to overpower this guy, we'll let him bring it to us, and we'll catch him coming in.

BT - Jermain is coming off two wins over Hopkins, and then a war with Winky Wright. Ouma is no pushover either, how's Jermains' mind-set for this one ?

ON - Oh definitely no, Ouma is no pushover, and he fights a lot like Winky. Oumas' defense may not be as good as Winky's but he throws a lot of punches.

BT - What do you think Jermain learned the most from fighting Winky that he can bring into the ring against Ouma ?

ON - I think the thing Jermain learned the most was to stay off of those damn ropes ( laughs )he was doing full well in the middle of the ring, we'll try to catch this guy coming in. Winky was a lot faster than we thought he was. We will try to catch Ouma coming in, hit him with some good shots, and try to break him down.

BT -  You'll need to glue Jermains' shoes in the middle of the ring Ozell (laughs).

ON - If Jermain fights on the ropes against Ouma it will not be because we trained him to do that (laughs).

BT - Jermain just likes to fight, he's not afraid to mix it up so I think his instincts kick in.

ON - Jermain been working with a guy working the mits, and he slaps Jermain in the head every time Jermains' hand comes down. We also give Jermain 3 seconds to get off of the ropes in sparring, so we are working on some things.

BT - Who is Jermain Sparring with ?

ON - Ricky Grant, and Sechew Powell is on the way down here.

BT - Sechew is a good sparring partner for Jermain being he just fought Oumma. Sechew will benefit from that too.

ON - Yes Sechew just fought Ouma so he brings a lot into this for Jermain.

BT - Will we see a rematch with Winky Wright Ozell ?

ON - We don't count anything out Brad, you know that (laughs).

BT - Yup, but I wanted to get the team Taylor comment on that (laughs).

ON - You never know, it is out there and if Winky really wants it we can give it.

BT - Talk about Little Rock, Jermain has to be excited about coming home to fight.

ON - Yes you know this is the first time that Jermain will have the belts, to put the belts on the line, and do it home. Now he's got to keep the belts.

BT - So it's a done deal, Manny Steward will be training Jermain Taylor ?

ON - Yes.

BT - Is there anything that you would like to say to the fans in closing ?

ON - Don't miss December 9th, it will be on. Jermain Taylor vs Kasim Ouma


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