One on One with Montell Griffin

By Dominic Fernandez


One on One with Montell Griffin

DF: At this stage of your career is your approach any different? "No question! As for this fight, I’m taking this very serious.  I’ll admit that some fights are harder to get up for than others but this is for the mandatory slot, so I know what I have in front of me.  I know what’s at stake.  At my age I have to train harder.  When I was younger I only went on my natural ability and never really burned that midnight oil.  But everything is a learning phase and you live and you learn. 

DF: So this fight has to be different than your past fights?

MG: Styles make fights.  Julio Gonzalez’s style is what I’m made for.  I love the aggressive style that his type of style brings to the table.  Julio Gonzalez is a tuff fighter.  No disrespect intended but he’ll be easy to hit.  I consider myself a defensive, boxer, puncher in this order.

DF: Are you willing to fight in Europe for the title?

MG: I’m willing to fight in Europe for the title and as a matter of fact I know I’ll have to fight in Europe for the title against Clinton Woods.  When I first started my career I had a European manager and I fought in Europe so I really didn’t have no worries.  Now looking at how fighters cross the Atlantic and don’t come back with the deserved title they should have won makes me think.  But I’ll fight my fight and regain the title.

DF: What’s your plan for the future?

MG: Right now I have a 3-fight game plan.  I’m going to fight Gonzalez and than Woods and then take on the winner of Johnson vs. Tarver.  That’s the plane for the future.

DF: So when all this is accomplished will you be hanging it up?

MG:  You know, I’ll hang it up when I can no longer fight at an elite level.  I took some advice the other day and if I’m no longer fighting at a championship level I’ll call it a career.  I’m not going to be no sparring partner or some journeyman for anybody.

DF: Who has been your toughest opponent in your career so far?

MG: I’ve had three: Tarver, Toney, Jones.  I’ve beaten two out of the three except for Tarver so if you ask me I’ve had a pretty good career.  Of those three Jones has been the hardest opponent for me.  His hand speed alone and just Natural ability made things very hard.  But I’m past that an as far as my whole view its also changed.  I train year around now and I’m not taking anything for granted.  I have a plan and the first step is Julio Gonzalez