One-on-One with Missy Fiorentino

By Brad Cooney


One-on-One with Missy Fiorentino

Missy “The Fury” Fiorentino, the WIBF featherweight champion, is gearing up to Cindy Serrano (15-0-1), on July 7, 2007 at Joe Bruno Stadium, in Troy, New York. This fight will be for a regional junior lightweight title.  Recently, Fiorentino was released from Jimmy Burchfield's CES boxing because she accompanied a female boxer, Mia St. John, into the ring for a bout between St. John and another CES boxer.  Fiorentino goes on the record and discusses her release, and what lays ahead for her bright boxing future.

BC – What's the latest Missy?

MF – I am getting ready to fight for the NABF Jr Lightweight title, on July 7th.

BC – Talk about your opponent, what do you know about her?

MF – I am fighting Cindy Serrano. She's undefeated, so it should be a good fight.  I know she's from Queens, New York, she's 15-0.  I don't know much about her style, but it should be a good fight. 

BC – What is your assessment of womens boxing, and what can be done to improve where it is at now?

MF – I think it's coming along.  We need to see more TV publicity, they need to show good womens fights on television.  They need to show that the women fight just as good as the men.

BC – You were recently released by Jimmy Burchfield, what happened?

MF – I was with Jimmy Burchfield, and in February there was me and another female fighter, Jamie Clampitt both under [contract to] him.  Jamie was fighting Mia St. John.  I think Mia is a great fighter, I think that she has carried female boxing along.  I got to be friends with her, and I carried her belt out for her.  Jimmy released me from my contract because of that.  I am not upset about it, I think it's for the better.  I am not sure if I want to sign for another promoter right now.  I like the freedom to fight where I want to, when I was with Jimmy he told me where and when I had to fight.

BC – With that said, isn't there a part of you that can say that Jimmy had a right to be upset with you for doing that, being you walked out a fighter that was going up against one of your own stable mates?

MF – I don't think so, all I was doing was walking a fighter out.  I think if Mia was fighting someone other than Jamie Clampitt, it wouldn't have been a big deal.

BC – So do you want to stay a free agent?

MF – Right now, but if an offer came up I would consider it.

BC – How long have you been fighting?

MF – I have been fighting for 5 ½ years.

BC – How long do you want to keep fighting?

MF – I will see how it goes, I think I have time left.  Right now I am not really sure how much longer I want to go.

BC – Would you consider staying in boxing after you retire, maybe training, or managing?

MF – I may train, but I do work full time right now.  I am a sheriff, I transport prisoners back and forth to court.

BC – If there is a promoter out there who is interested in signing you, how do they get in touch with you?

MF – They can call Peter Manfredo Sr, my trainer.

BC – Do you have any closing thoughts for your fans?

MF – I want to thank my fans, and I want to invite all of them to come out to see my fight on July 7th, at Joe Bruno Stadium.  I am the main event, and I want to invite everyone to come out and see the fight.


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