One-on-One with Lamont Peterson

By Brad Cooney


One-on-One with Lamont Peterson

Boxingtalk caught up with rising light welterweight contender Lamont Peterson right after his impressive victory on ESPN2's Friday Night Fights.  Peterson's opponent, Frankie Santos wouldn't get up from his stool to start the seventh round, and Peterson continued his undefeated streak with a TKO of Santos.  Who's next for Peterson?  Well according to him, he wants IBF champion Paulie Malignaggi in the not-so-distant future.

BT – Lamont you just grabbed a regional title by defeating Frankie Santos... talk about it.

LP – It feels real good to get the title, but more importantly to move up in the rankings.  I was five [in the WBO] so now I will probably be four or better.  Whoever got that belt, I am coming for you.

BT – Your opponent decided better of it to come out for the seventh round, who do you want next?

LP – Right now we have our eyes on Paulie Malignaggi, hopefully we can get that fight early next year, or whoever has a title, but we have our eye on Paulie.

BT – The Magic Man is a very slick fighter, Lamont. How do you see yourself matching up with Paulie?

LP – I am taller, and I doubt he can outbox me.  I can box too, you know?  I doubt that he can outbox me.

BT – When do you want to get back in there?

LP – We are supposed to fight November 17th first, then after that in '08 we can do it, I want Paulie Malignaggi.

BT – Your brother Anthony is ranked number 1 and you will probably be ranked at least at 4 with this win, talk about that.

LP – That's what we planned for, were exactly where we want to be.  We will both be fighting on November 17th, and whatever else happens after that, we are looking for a title shot.

BT – Your coach Barry Hunter brought you from being homeless to being on the cusp of a world title shot, talk about him for a minute.

LP – Barry is a great guy, a great coach, and a great father figure.  I am thankful to have him both inside and outside of the ring.  Barry protects us in this boxing world you know?  If I don't fight another fight in my life, if I quit today, Barry will still be with my regardless, and you need someone like that in this game.

BT – Closing thoughts?

LP – The Peterson brothers are climbing the ladder, and we are just about to get to the roof to run all over things!


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