One-on-One with Jonathon Reid

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


One-on-One with Jonathon Reid

RC: What can you tell us about that fight that will take place February 9th at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence?
JR: I am going in to make a statement Baby! We got to start the year off right this time. What is so weird is I had my first fight in ’06 in providence against Mohamed Said, which I thought I won, but they gave to him in the same month. So I am not going back over there to get robbed again, so I plan to make it convincing to the judges that I am the victor.

RC: What can you tell us about your opponent Ossie Duran?
JR: I don’t really know to much about him, I haven’t seen any tape on him. I do know that he is a former British Commonwealth champion in the Jr. Middleweight division. He is right handed, and about 5’10”. I know he is going to bring the pain just like I am going to bring the pain. But you know every man born of a woman can be hurt, he puts his pants one leg at a time just like a King Pin, and it is going to be on and popping on the 9th of February, because I am coming home with the “W”.

RC: Will this bout be televised live bout?
JR: They are going to tape it live, but they are going to show it later like around February 17th on a Comcast station called CN8. So if you got CN8 check it out February 17th.

RC: I know CES Boxing is promoting this fight, but are you still working with The Contender people?
JR: This is absolutely separate, after the second season finale. The Contender people sent me my walking papers and basically said “Blah Blah Blah good relationship, She-be-do this, She-be-do that, you are now free to fight with whatever promoter you want” So you know, no hard feelings, they had so many people that it was hard for them to get everybody fights, and they had a lot of us on the shelf. So they would rather let me go than have me sitting on the shelf.

RC: This fight is less than two weeks away. How long have you known you will be facing him and were you already in the gym preparing?
JR: Well I can answer that question in a Million ways, I have been preparing all of my life, but I didn’t find out about the fight until about two weeks ago. But I have been preparing for several fights. I got an offer to fight a guy from Nigeria. We were slated to be the main event on ESPN this Friday, but they turned the right down and took Dominick Guinn and Zuri Lawrence who will be fighting this Friday instead. So I have been preparing to get ready, but not necessarily for the guy that I am fighting. But all it is, is a change in direction, we are going to go ahead and do what we do. You know I am a veteran so I am just going to go in there and do my thing.

RC: How many rounds is this fight scheduled for?
JR: This fight will be an eight rounder.

RC: You haven’t had to prepare for a fight that was scheduled to go over six rounds since 2004, how is that going to affect the way you have been training the last few years?
JR: Well of course when you are going a longer distance, you got more round to sort of pace yourself. When you have short rounds you have to go out there and explode like you did in the amateur days. We had to get out there and get the work done and didn’t have time to strategize, and catch the person and put the person in deep waters. With me going eight rounds it is better for me, because I like the distance. You gotta able to walk it out, and I am not talking about the dance either. How about that?

RC: (Laughing). So how has post Contender life been treating Jonathon Reid?
JR: Everybody needs to go check out and check out my website. They can go check everything out about me on there.

RC: Give us your take on your former Contender pal Ishe Smith’s big fight coming up against Sechew Powell?
JR: I think it is a good match up. Ishe got to press forward on Sechew, and don’t let Sechew back him up and I don’t think he should have a problem in that fight. 

RC: You recently signed with BYG management group, what can you tell us about that?
JR: Yup, and BYG stands for Bust Your Grill, and come February 9th we are going to be ready to bust some grills. You understand what I am saying? Because my saying is I will bust your head to the white meat, so we are going to work it out just perfect.

BYG is the management company of the new millennium, 2007 is going to be on and cotton-picking popping. BYG and the Reid Dawgie Dawg are going to do this thing the way it is suppose to be done. We will be working together for the next two or three years and the plan is to get back in there and fight for a world championship. That is the main goal, anytime you are ranked to where you can fight for the world champion that is like hitting the lottery. So I am about ready to hit the lottery, I am going to be in control of my own destiny. There isn’t any sense in crying over spilled milk, we just wipe it up and pour another cup baby.

RC: (Laughing) I see you haven’t lost a bit of your humor…
JR: (Cutting in) I aint never going to lose it, sometimes things happen and people get all down, but if you think about that all of the time, it will mess you up because you will go into your next battle thinking about what happened in the last one.

You know what I fight on the 9th I am 0-0, and I am coming back home 1-0. You understand what I am saying?

RC: Yes indeed, is there anything else you would like to add before I let you go?
JR: Let all of the fans know to be on the lookout for Reid Dawgie Dawg in 2007, because seven is God’s number, and I am going to be out there doing my thing. Be sure to check out the website, shoot me an email and I will be sure to email you back.


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