One on One with Ishe Smith

By Brad Cooney


One on One with Ishe Smith

Boxingtalk caught up with Golden Boy's Ishe Smith (18-1-8KO). Ishe makes it very clear in this interview that he's done with the talk of the past, and turns his sights back on to former IBF Light Middleweight champion, Verno Phillips. Smith wants Verno Phillips, and his thoughts are simple, If the Verno Phillips vs Ishe Smith fight doesn't happen, it's not because of him, it's because Verno doesn't want him.

BT - What's up Shay (laughing)

IS - What's up Brad, it's a busy day for me man, busy day. (laughs)

BT - Shay you have been dodging haymakers for the past few days man, what's up with Tarick Salmaci ?

IS - I don't know man, to be honest I think he's just lonely. I think the guy needs a hug and for someone to take care of him. This guy has the audacity to bring up things a year and a half ago? Maybe Sergio Mora that night was the better man that night, but I haven't looked at the tape yet. For this guy to come on the record and say all of this? What did I do that was unprofessional or un-sportsmanlike? That doesn't make sense, they announced a split decision and that Sergio Mora won, if the crowd thought Mora won they would have cheered not booed me. I think the guy needs a hug, the next time I see him, I am just going to give him a hug.

BT - Shay if I remember right, after they announced the decision you had a puzzled look on your face, you looked at your wife, and you left the ring.

IS - I have no idea where he came up with the theory that they were booing for my poor sportsmanship. When I got back into the locker room, I was upset, but in the ring? Most of the people in the crowd were Mark Burnett's people, and they booed the decision, not me. I don't understand, I just looked at my wife, and then I left, where is the un-professionalism there? I would like this guy to tell me what I did so un-sportsmanlike for them to boo me. If the crowd really felt that I was being a poor sport wouldn't they have cheered when the decision was read? They would have cheered to rub it into my face if I was such a bad sport, I mean come on, it doesn't make any sense what this guy is saying.

BT - Let's move on to your career Shay, talk about Verno Phillips, and respond to his recent comments on Boxingtalk. Verno says he hasn't heard anything from Golden Boy in regards to an offer from your people.

IS -  As far as I know contact was made with them and something was put out there, and that they didn't want to do it this year. From what I heard they don't want to anything this year, and would rather to wait until the beginning of next year. I know the guy isn't scared, I know his reputation. I told my people that I want to fight Verno Phillips. I feel like Verno Phillips is a guy that can give me a good fight, and I want to fight him, he's a good fighter. For him to come on the record and try to make it something else? Now there is bad blood, and now I want to knock him out. I am not Teddy Reid, I am not Candello. This guy won't be able to hit me, he's stiff. I am not scared of anybody, he can't beat me. Now's there bad blood now it's a different ball-game. Now I am going to knock him out, he's talking about having 50 fights, well dog, you're cooked, I am not worried about you.

BT - Shay so your position is that Golden Boy has contacted Verno's people, and his position is that he hasn't heard anything so what's the dealy ?

IS - Well if I can't beat this guy, I shouldn't be fighting. This guy is old, and his legs are cooked, and he's cooked, and it's time for him to get served. I will give him a royal beating if he fights me. I try to respect a former 2 time world champion, but then he comes out and dis respects me? well now the fight has got to happen. I am not fighting for the rest of the year anyway so it doesn't matter, let's get it done. If the fight doesn't happen it's not my fault, it's his. I told my people that I want Verno Phillips, I am right here Phillips, no excuses, no complaining. This guy is talking that he is a former 2 time world champion, I say, so what, do something now.

BT - Ishe is there anything that you would like to say to the fans in closing ?

IS - People send me a lot of hate Email, but everybody starts somewhere. I feel like I have done enough with the 19 fights that I have had. Once I beat Verno Phillips then we will see. It doesn't make sense to send hate email, if you're going to send hate email, then say it to that persons face. Don't send hate email, then ask for my autograph in person. Right now the only thing I am thinking about is Verno Phillips.


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