One on One with Glen Johnson

By Brad Cooney


One on One with Glen Johnson

Former world light heavyweight champion Glen Johnson steps back into the ring on May 16, 2007 at The Hard Rock in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  Johnson goes up against former world titlist Montel Griffin (48-6 with 30 KOs) in an IBF elimination bout.  The winner gets a crack at current IBF champ, Clinton Woods. 

BC - Glen it's been a minute since we hooked up, update the fans on what's going on with you.

GJ - Camp is wonderful, I feel tremendous.  I am getting into top shape, and Montel is a guy that I have high respect for.  We both have been around for awhile, and we have never fought each other.  It's about to happen where we are going to go up against each other and I am looking forward to it.

BC - Have you been staying in shape since your last fight? 

GJ - Yes I stay in shape because I know there are a lot of fighters out there that live off of trying to catch you off guard.  I have stayed in shape throughout my career, and that is how I have been able to go in there and upset my opponents.

BC - You have been waiting for another shot at Clinton Woods, a win against Griffin will earn you your shot at him.  Talk about how hungry you are to fight Clinton Woods again.

GJ - This fight is definitely the important fight for me because this is the fight that's going to get me back into the ring with Clinton Woods.  I have a true dislike for Clinton Woods.  I have been robbed in my career before, but with this guy, he robbed me twice.  Clinton Woods has been plaguing my career, and I need to put a foot stomp onto this guy.

BC - If you get your crack at Clinton Woods again, will your promoters fight for a neutral site this time, being what happened in your last fight with him?

GJ - Definitely, we are planning to try to get this fight in the states.  The reason we didn't have the last fight in the states is because the American TV didn't have any interest in the fight.  Hopefully we can get them interested this time, especially me being the 2004 fighter of the year.

BC - Do you put any emphasis or responsibility on your promoter to get you more interest in your fights in America?

GJ - That is what the promoter is supposed to do.  They are supposed to have the language with the TV stations.  I am the fighter, my job is to go out and win the fights, I will take most of the blame on my head.

BC - What does Montel bring into the ring against you?

GJ - He's a short guy, he's slick, and he knows how to use his craft.  The guy has a lot of tricks, and you have to respect him for that.   I have high respect for the guy, because I know how it is to not be the top dog in the weight class, but still be around the top.

BC - What is something in particular that gets your attention about the guy?

GJ - He gets down low, and he throws a good jab, and an over hand right.  He also throws a good left hook, basically you have to watch everything he does.  Roy Jones had trouble because of that, he's a well rounded fighter.  You have to be ready for Montel Griffin, you have to have good balance to deal with all of his movements.  I am getting prepared for all of that so that when I get in there with him, I will be ready.

BC - Glen you are getting up there a little bit now, can you feel the clock ticking on your career?

GJ - You don't have to beat around the bush (laughs) I know that I am an old man, but I am a bad old man and that's why Roy Jones and Tarver and Hopkins are all running scared from me.  Also that joker over there in England is running scared too, Joe Calzaghe. He's running scared too.  I know and I am confident that I have what it takes to get it done, I am chasing all of these guys all around town, but none of them will man up and fight me.

BC - Do you feel that these next few years is about it for you Glen?

GJ - Yes definitely, like I said I am confident in myself though.  These guys squirm when they hear my name, and that makes me know that I am a threat for them.  I am one of the most feared boxers in boxing today.

BC - Do you think the ref stopped the fight too quick on Peter Manfredo Jr when he fought Calzaghe?

GJ - I saw that fight, and it didn't surprise me at all.  That's how Joe Calzaghe has built his career, his judges, his refs, and no disrespect to Peter Manfredo, but he fights guys that he has no regard for, no respect for.  They are making him up to something that he isn't.  He is a B class fighter fighting B - fighters.  I am not impressed with Joe Calzaghe at all.

BC - Jermain Taylor was offered 4 million to fight Calzaghe, what are your thoughts on that?

GJ - When you fight overseas you better put the guys to sleep, because they have it all set up over there.  Jermain has the support here in the states,  I don't see why he would have to go over there.  He would make more money over here to fight Calzaghe.

BC - What about Roy Jones Jr, you still want to fight him?

GJ - All it would take is a phone call, give me a call and be serious about what you're saying, and let's get it done.  I am not greedy, just be fair and once we do that we can get the job done.  I am not in this business for any reason other than making money, so if Roy wants to fight, let's just get a contract done.

BC - Antonio Tarver's fight fell through [its now back on for June-editor], what about him?

GJ - He's made it clear who he wants to fight, and he's made it even more clear that I am not one of them.  Antonio Tarver is a coward, he's yellow, and he's nothing but a big girl.  I need to stay quiet because these guys are scared of me when I don't talk, so I better not talk (laughs).