One on One with Giovanni Lorenzo

By Socrates Palmer Jr


One on One with Giovanni Lorenzo

On Friday March 16th undefeated middleweight contender Giovanni “El Chico Malo” Lorenzo will be the co-feature attraction for the Irish Ropes, sponsored fight card entitled “Erin Go Brawl”. This bout will take place in the Theatre at Madison Square Garden and as aforementioned will be part of the supporting cast to the John Duddy, headlined pay per view spectacular. The 22-0 Lorenzo is currently rated as the Number 6 middleweight by the WBC and will take on veteran “Doctor” Robert Kamya, in a 10 round match up. This rising star from the recent Dominican boxing renaissance was able to grant us some of his time. What does it mean to you to be fighting as a co-feature on a (MSG) Madison Square Garden Show?
Lorenzo: It is an honor; MSG is the MECCA of Boxing. The history here is tremendous. Joe Louis, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Sugar Ray Leonard. I have always dreamed of having my name on a billboard at MSG hopefully this fight will lead to just that. What can you tell us about your opponent Robert Kamya?

Lorenzo: I can't tell you much as I have never seen him fight before. My manager told me he won a WBC intercontinental title so that tells me he can fight, I don't watch tapes of my opponents because I want to be ready for any style he brings in the ring not just the style I see on tape. I prepare for everything. If he runs I'll cut off the ring and catch him, if he boxes I'll break him down with body shots, if he fights I'll find him with bigger shots and knock him out. You are coming off a big first round knockout on the Joan Guzman under card Dec 16th in Santo Domingo. Can you tell us about that?

Lorenzo: It was a very special night fighting in front of my many friends and family in Santo Domingo. Guzman is a very good friend of mine and I was glad when he asked me to be a part of his show. Guzman has shown the world what it means to be Dominican. Today there are over 50 boxing clubs in Santo Domingo. Boxing is huge right now, with the government backing of the sport and with sold out arena events like the Dec 16th card will provide the world with many future champions. The Dominican fighters of today are much better fighters than they were a decade ago. There is a rumor going around that you used to knock down horses or cows in the Dominican Republic for fun; can you tell us about that?

Lorenzo: (Laughing), My brothers and I lived near a farm and one day a friend of ours made me a bet that we couldn't knock down a horse. You have to understand that in the Dominican Republic the horses are not as big as they are here in the US they are more like ponies. So I told my friend I can't hit a pony, but I can hit that cow over there. He said OK so I took the 500 Dominican Pesos bet. We agreed that I would get 3 tries and could hit the cow anywhere I wanted with only my fists. I went up to the cow and hit him with a body shot as hard as I could and knocked him down, I couldn't believe it, my brother was scared that I killed the cow. This is when I knew I was a tremendous body puncher. What is it like fighting on the same card as Irish John Duddy and Andy Lee.?
Lorenzo: It is great, We are all the future of the Middleweight division, We are all undefeated, we are all Olympians and exciting big punchers who will rule the Middleweight division for years to come. It is going to be the most exciting event in NYC and a real special treat for the fans to be able to see the 3 of us on the same show at the same time and as you know it is on March 16th the day before St. Patrick’s Day so it doesn't get any more exciting than that. The energy from the fans is electric. You have been rumored as a future opponent for John Duddy on a big HBO match-up later this summer. What can you say about that?
Lorenzo: I have been mentioned as an opponent for John for a while now so I guess it is no coincidence I'm on this card. I have a tremendous amount of respect for John. He is a legendary type fighter that comes around every 25 years or so. I appreciate the opportunity and if the money is right I'll take the fight. I know it is going to be a very difficult fight, but styles wise it will be very exciting for the fans because we both go for knockouts .We will bring out the best in each other. On a personal level I like the guy for what he has brought to boxing which is sold out arenas, exciting knockouts, pretty Irish girls (laughing) Has Main Events had talks with Irish Ropes and HBO regarding a Lorenzo Duddy fight?
Lorenzo: My promoter Kathy Duva tells me that HBO has already agreed to a fight between us later this summer, and Main Events has secured a date from HBO. So after we both take care of business on March 16th, then we can sit down and work out the money, date and place, but right now John is in tough with Bonsante so I am sure that is all he is focusing on. Talking about Main Events, There has be a lot of talk lately about them possibly going out of business, what do you have to say about that?
Lorenzo: They are going to be around for a long time. Kathy Duva is a smart women and she has been doing this for over 25 years. She is also very determined. I have a very special relationship with her, when I watch films of my past fights Kathy was always in view, rooting, cheering, and congratulating me. She gave me my start in this business they are the only promoter I know. I love this woman for what she has done and for believing in me. I will carry Main Events on my back alone if I have to, to repay her for her loyalty. Just watch me. What does 2007 have in store for "El Chico Malo”?
Lorenzo: This is my year. I want big fights, I want HBO to say Lorenzo deserves a shot on Boxing after Dark and then on HBO PPV in a title fight. I am taking over the middlewieght division. On March 16th the HBO Executives I'm sure will be there to see what John and I mean to the middlewieght division and I will certainly show them that I belong. I'm sure John will show them as well together we will show them why the middlewieght division is the hottest in boxing right now. Do you have any predictions for March 16th?
Lorenzo: Lorenzo by KO, Duddy by KO and Lee by KO. It will be a great show. The atmosphere will be so exciting, so don't forget to buy tickets early because the event will sell out. Good seat will go fast. Thank you


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