One on One with Fernando Vargas

By Darren Nichols


One on One with Fernando Vargas

The date is set for Fernando “Ferocious” Vargas to take on Sugar Shane Mosley in a bout that potentially will put the victor’s stock into the dot-com stratosphere, while the loser could be hanging with Enron shareholders.  This is a must win situation for both fighters, and after their press conference this past weekend announcing their PPV fight, BoxingTalk spoke one on one with Vargas to get his thoughts on the fight, what he is doing to prepare for Mosley, and why we will see Vargas bring more ferociousness into the ring with him on February 25th.


BoxingTalk:  Fernando, give us your thoughts on facing Mosley on February 25th.


Fernando Vargas:  You are going to see the old Fernando Vargas back in the ring.  I’m healthy and I feel strong.


BoxingTalk:  Were you getting tired of people talking about the condition of your back?


Fernando Vargas:  Yes, but they will see on February 25th, that I am strong and ready to go.


BoxingTalk:  What have you been doing to prepare for Mosley?


Fernando Vargas:  I have been staying active in the gym, eating right, and working with my team to get me in top shape.


BoxingTalk:  This is your first big fight since taking on De La Hoya.  Are you ready to face someone at Mosley’s level right now?


Fernando Vargas:  Absolutely.  I will be in the best shape of my life when I enter into the ring with Mosley.  Everyone from my strength and conditioning coach to my nutritionist to my chief seconds are getting me in the best possible condition, and we will come away victorious come February 25th.


BoxingTalk:  What do you say to the people who have been wondering where the old Vargas, the ferociousness, has been in your last two bouts?


Fernando Vargas:  I ranked myself in my last fight an “F,” but I had to lose a lot of weight in during training camp.  I don’t have to do that this time, which is allowing me to focus on beating Mosley. 


BoxingTalk:  Will you be able to handle the exceptional speed that Mosley possesses?


Fernando Vargas:  You mean the speed that we saw him have in his two losses to Winky Wright (laughing).


BoxingTalk:  What kind of fight can we expect to see from you on February 25th?


Fernando Vargas:  I have a lot of respect for Mosley, but you don’t have any friends in the ring, and again you will see the old Fernando Vargas back in there.  I will be the one coming away victorious.


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