One on One with Evander Holyfield

By Brad Cooney


One on One with Evander Holyfield

Boxingtalk sat down with 4 time Heavyweight Champion, Evander Holyfield.  Evander shares his thoughts on his upcoming fight against Lou Savarese, scheduled for June 30th, at the Don Haskins Center, in El Paso, Tx. 

BC - Talk about your upcoming fight June, 30th against Lou Savarese.

EH - Well you know I haven't seen him fight in awhile, but I know he's a straight up boxer, a boxer puncher.  This guy moves a lot but he's not an overpowering guy.  It should be a great fight.

BC - Savarese is probably the biggest step up for you since your return.  Does he do anything in the ring that gets your attention?

EH - Well everybody takes a chance when they fight certain fighters, he wasn't my first choice.  I had to fight a guy that could possibly win though, and that's the boxing business. 

BC - Your goal is to obtain a 5th Heavyweight title, do you feel you are on track to do this?

EH - Yes of course, the most important thing for me is to keep winning.  That's the only way that you can get there, and at some point I will get my opportunity.  I have a name that will put people into the seats.  The current champions want to make money, and I am the guy that they will probably have to go through.

BC - Out of the current champions, who do you match up the best against?

EH - I am a fighter that can make adjustments, either one of them.  All of them will be difficult, but you know, I am willing to fight either one of those guys that wants to fight.

BC - You have been fighting quite a bit in Texas, the fans have been great to you down there.

EH - Well business wise, Main Events realize that the people in Texas want to see me fight, less risk, and knowing they will have a big crowd.  Anywhere that people are willing to guarantee a sellout is good for the promoter.

BC - Evander you can put people in the seats anywhere though, no?

EH - Well yes I do believe that the things that I have accomplished, the people will come. 

BC - You're a 4 time Heavyweight Champion, do you feel the American's will one day dominate the division again?

EH - Well I don't look at it like that, boxing is boxing.  We are individuals, I like boxing because it's not where are you from, it's all about have you done what's necessary to be the best, regardless of where you are from.

BC - I saw you in Memphis some months back, and you look in great shape.  How are you feeling physically at this point of your career?

EH - Well you know with me it's not about how I am feeling.  When you get older your feelings change, and we think about the risks more than younger people.  I am motivated by what I want to do, and I know I can do it, and I prove that to myself every time I box.

BC - What do you have going on outside of the ring these days?

EH - Well I just signed with the Gospel Music Network. 

BC - I see you all over television, Dancing with the stars, and you even chased ghosts on one program, did you enjoy that?

EH - I didn't enjoy the ghost chasing (laughs), I did it but it's not my thing.

BC - (Laughs), I gotta be honest with you, you looked out of your element chasing ghosts.

EH - Well I really was, when they called me I accepted, and just went through with it because I said that I would.

BC - The boxing world lost a true warrior in Diego "Chico" Corrales, what are your thoughts on Chico's passing?

EH - It's always an unfortunate when a young man such as Diego, being 30 yrs old gets into an accident like that.  As fighters we don't control life, but we should take more precautions, we are human beings that live and die like everyone else, we are not invincible.  I am sorry for his loss.


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