One on One with Donnell Holmes

By James Alden


One on One with Donnell Holmes

JA: It’s been a while since we last talked, tell us what you been up to Donnell? "I been shopping for a good promoter that will get me the fights that I need to become heavyweight champion of the world."

JA: I know that you were a free agent. Can you tell us who you signed with?

DH: By the Grace of God I was free of an old promoter and now I have signed with Gary Shaw.

JA: I know that you had a couple of offers on the table, what intrigued you about signing with Gary Shaw and what did he present to you?

DH: Gary Shaw was the only promoter that didn’t offer me a contract that made me think I was less than a man. At the same time I like the fact that if I ever needed to talk to him he would answer the phone and not give me the run around. Most importantly, I know what Donnell Holmes is made of. Gary is going to put me in fights where if I win they will lead to greater opportunity in the future. I’m going to get my chance to either beat these so called contenders or get my tail beat and that is all I been asking for is my chance to show the world that I’m the real deal.

JA: What do you think of the heavyweight division now?

DH:-I think it's better than what a lot of people think, because it's wide open for anyone. I just think it's not fair to the public that the same ones keep getting the TV time. The people think that the best fighters in the world are only fighting on HBO. I heard comments made by the HBO commentating crew that they said that Calvin Brock is the best heavyweight prospect in the US, well he isn’t even the best heavyweight in North Carolina, that would be me, Donnell Holmes. I’m the WBC continental Americas championship,ranked 11 by WBF,14 by WBA,and 16 by WBC.

JA:-We were talking before and you told me the last time you fought you weren’t yourself, what happened?

DH:-I was coming off the shelf for one year, I trained very hard(to hard) for 4 months because I wanted to look very good and show no ring rust, but 3 months in training I started getting tired everyday. so I started running and doing more in the gym, at this point I was going into the over train mood and didn't even realize it until about 30 sec in the 1st round of my fight I just had a crash with no energy at all, but I learned this about myself, that even when I'm bad and at my worse I'm still better than the rest because I still haven't lost.

JA: Is there anyone in particular that you want to fight?

DH:-I was offered a fight with the newly crown WBO Champion, Shannon "the water gun" Briggs in April of this year when it was on this site about me being without a promoter. His promoter thought I was desperate or stupid enough to fight him in Germany on a card in which he told me he was good friends with the promoters over their. I remember within the last 12 months on this same site Shannon Briggs calling out Sam Peter, now here I am calling you out Shannon Briggs, I'm Donnell "the real touch of sleep" Holmes and I approve this message. Sam Peter never offered you a fight but in April your promoter emailed me and I still have the email asking me to fight you, so go ahead now and let the world see what kind of champion you are. Then recently I was insulted again by the same promoter when he emailed me and said JD Chapman thought he would knock me out, well even if he ever dreams it, he better call and apologize because the only good thing about me knocking JD Chapman out would be his undefeated record added to my KO victims.

JA: Do you think that you will be fighting again in 2006?

DH: Well that's all up to God and Gary Shaw when they decide to put some more excitement into the heavyweight division.

JA-Is there anything that you would like to say in closing?

DH: I want everyone to know that I may talk a little, but I can back it up because I give all the Glory I receive to God. I want to thank Boxingtalk for warning the World that a Storm is coming.nm


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