One on One with Daniel Ponce De Leon

By Brad Cooney


One on One with Daniel Ponce De Leon

WBO 122-pound champion Daniel Ponce De Leon sat down with Boxingtalk and talked about his upcoming title defense against the undefeated Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista.  This fight is scheduled for August 11th, at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. De Leon is coming off of a tough 12 round decision over Gerry Penalosa of The Philippines back in March, 2007.  Back in July, 2006 De Leon unleashed one of the years classic knockouts over Sod Looknongyangtoy at 52 seconds in the first round.

BC - Thanks for joining Boxingtalk, champ.

DPD - Thank you for having me, I am ready for this fight.

BC - You're about to defend your title against a tough undefeated fighter in Rey Bautista of The Philippines, talk about the fight.

DPD - I know he's an undefeated fighter, and he is younger than I am.  I have been working hard, and I have been doing my job in camp so that I can come out victorious.

BC - Are you happy with how your camp has gone thus far?

DPD - Yes, I have been in training for 3 months in Los Angeles.  Camp is great, I just need to lose 5lbs in the next week.

BC - Shouldn't be any problems come weight in time though, no?

DPD - No problem, I have been sparring great, doing 10 rounds.  I am much better trained than I was in my last fight.

BC - Rey Bautista is a tough undefeated fighter, but he is stepping up against you.  Does he bring anything into the ring that gets your attention?

DPD - He definitely packs a punch, and he's quick, and he's undefeated.  Rey is fighting me for a reason, he's has the number 1 position so I am looking out for that.

BC - You have a very impressive knockout ratio, do you feel you will knock out Rey Bautista?

DPD - I am prepared to go 12 rounds, but if the knockout comes it comes.  I am prepared to go 12 hard rounds if I need to though.

BC - You last defeated Gerry Penalosa, another Philippine fighter.  Compare the two fighters, Bautista and Penalosa.

DPD - They both are warriors, and come out to fight.  I know how the Filipino's are, so I will be prepared to come out fighting.

BC - Manny Pacquiao's success against Mexican fighters has ignited the rivalry between Mexico, and The Philippines.  How important is it for you to win, and keep your belt in Mexico?

DPD - It's very important for me because I am representing Mexico, my country.  I will do my job, and I will win this fight.

BC - With just one fight in 2007, do you have any concerns with inactivity?

DPD - No, because my last fight was just a few months ago, and it was a long 12 round fight against Penalosa.  It wasn't a fast fight, it went 12 rounds, and I worked all 12 rounds.  I feel great, and I am ready to go 12 rounds.

BC - Do you have any closing thoughts for your fans in Mexico, and around the world?

DPD - I want to thank all of my fans around the world, and my fans in Mexico.  I am very prepared for this fight, I have worked very hard for this fight.

* Boxingtalk thanks Jose Gutierrez for translating this interview.


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