One on One With Vicente Escobedo!

By Dominic Fernandez


One on One With Vicente Escobedo!

2004 Olympian Vicente Escobedo is not your average young boxer with a dream.  He has a foundation that some world-class fighters would envy.  Backed with a great Amateur experience and the support of Golden Boy Promotions it's safe to say that “Chenta” has a plan.  The “Next Generation of Boxing” shares his thoughts on his move to the Pro Ranks, his memories of his amateur career, Golden Boy Promotions and his plans for his invasion on the Super Featherweight Division.



Dominic Fernandez:  Vicente how big is Boxing up here in Woodland, California?


Vicente Escobedo:  Real big!  We have a great history up here in the Sacramento Area.  You have the great fighters of the 1980’s like Bobby Chacon and today’s world champion Diego Corrales.


DF:  What’s it going take for you to reach that level someday?


VE:  Allot of things.  I feel that I am on the right track I look after my health and a great Promotion Company supports me.  My manager and Trainer have a plan and my family gives me all the support I could ever need.  I’m really blessed!


DF:  Tell me a few things about your amateur career and what you feel you accomplished.


VE:  First off I always gave 100 percent.  I didn’t accomplish a gold medal, which I had set my goal on but that’s ok.  But I always gave my best so I know I accomplished that much.  I ended my career with 100 victories and I’ve gained allot of experience from that.  Everything is a learning experience and I’m just taking that with me to the Pros. 


DF:  Your coming up in a very talented weight class. Give me your thoughts on the Featherweight division?


VE:  Tough Division.  The likes of Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales speak volumes about the Division.  It’s filled with many great fighters.


DF:  Where do you see yourself in the very near future?


VE:  Right now I’m just looking to get in the ring and show my skills.  As of today I’m not looking to fight any of the elite but in time I will.


DF:  You fight next on the 27th of May and when all goes well when do you see yourself fighting again?


VE:  Well when this fight is finished and all goes well I’ll be fighting on the under card of Bernard Hopkins vs. Jermain Taylor which Golden Boy is promoting.

DF:   Speaking of Golden Boy Promotions when was the first time you met Oscar?

VE:  I spoke to Oscar right before the Olympics and I believe right around the rematch between him and Shane Mosley.  He shared allot of his advice about his experience in the Olympics and he asked me what my plans for the future were?  Then when I turned Pro he gave me the chance to be backed by his company.  It really was the smartest move I could have made because Oscar looks out for what’s best for his fighters.  He really brings a great name to the sport. 


DF:  What made you say to yourself that Golden Boy Promotions is the place to go?


VE:  Remembering Oscar as a boxer and what great deeds he did for the sport and how he brought a great name for boxing showed me allot.  How he just carried himself inside the ring and outside the ring.  He brings class to the sport and I’m just thankful that I have the support I do.


DF:  Have you had the chance to spar with any of the fighters under your Golden Boy banner?


VE:  Actually I did. It was a great experience, I’ve sparred with Marco Antonio Barrera and at one time I sparred with Juan Loscano.  It’s just an honor to get the chance to learn from such great fighters. 


DF:  What have you learned from such experiences?


VE:  Just sitting down on my punches more and not throwing pity-pat punches.


DF:   By the way, what or who influenced you into the sport of Boxing?


VE:  My brother Jose.  He basically influenced me into all kinds of sports.  At 13 years old I started getting into boxing and I’m here today.


DF:  Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?


VE:  Just to look out for the next generation of fighters like myself and not to close their eyes.  Also be on lookout for Boxing out here in Sacramento because we are taking it back to where it used to be. On the Map!