One on One With Paul Briggs!

By G. Leon


One on One With Paul Briggs!

Hurricane ready to blow Adamek away in Windy City!

GL: Tell us about it brother. We're days away from you're title fight how are you feeling? "I'm feeling good man. I'm really relaxed, there's no nerves or nothing. I had awesome camp. I was dropping sparring partners like flies. Every single one of them I dropped. I'm in great shape and I'm feeling confident so I'm just going to break this guy's ass down.

GL: How does this camp compare with your camp for Stipe Drews and Jesus Ruiz?

Paul Briggs: "There's just no comparison. For Drews, we peaked a few weeks early and left a lot in the gym so I was a little flat. This time I'm sharp at the right time. My wind is really, really good and the things we've been working on have been clicking. We've been working basically for the last nine months. I feel great and I can't wait to get in there."

GL: Are you concerned about fighting Adamek in front of what should be a Polish crowd?

PB: "Not at all. They're all screaming fans. Whether they're screaming at you or screaming for you, they're still screaming. Hopefully the place is packed and they erupt because that's just going to create an awesome atmosphere. Him having fans there will only serve as more fuel for me."

GL: How important is it for you to make a statement in this fight in order to keep your name at the forefront of the marquee light heavyweight fights?

PB: "It's important for me to win. I'm not even concerned about making statements or anything like that. My only concern is becoming the light heavyweight champion. Tomasz Adamek is a very, very good fighter. He hasn't beaten anyone yet, but he's a very tidy fighter. He's well skilled and he doesn't make many mistakes, so right now my concern is getting in there and knocking Adamek out."

GL: You haven't fought in quite some time. Are you concerend you'll be rusty?

PB: "To be perfectly honest with you, not at all. We've been sparring the whole time. I think ring rust is a state of mind more than anything. If you're not staying in shape and then you come back after nine months you're going to see ring rust. But if you've been working and learning during the time off there won't be any ring rust."

GL: Do you expect this fight to go the distance?

PB: "I don't. My last two fights have gone the distance, but I've got a really good feeling about this one and a knockout would be great. I'm not predicting anything, I'm just going to get in there do my job and win. Jack and I really have clicked and the things we've been working on have been clicking in sparring, it's just been great and I'm ready to become the WBC light heavyweight champion of the world."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

PB: "I want to thank you for all of your support. It's been a long hard road to get here, once I get my belt it's going to be the beginning of a special championship run."


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