One on One With David Estrada!

By G. Leon


One on One With David Estrada!

GL: What did you think about the fight between Sharmba Mitchell and Chris Smith? "I think Sharmba was doing his thing and the longer it would've went the more he would've outscored him."

GL: How would you feel about fighting Sharmba Mitchell if that opportunity presented itself?

DE: "I would love to fight him. I want to fight people that are going to help me move forward with my career. Another person I really want to fight is Margarito. Margarito is going to stand there and fight with me and that's when I'm always at my best."

GL: After seeing the Mosley fight on tape what do you feel you should have done to be more successful in that fight?

DE: "What I should've done was keep the pressure on. His handspeed didn't bother me, but the speed he had with his feet it seemed like he was one step ahead of me. I couldn't even cut off the ring he was moving so good. I never put my punches together and I guess his movement frustrated so much that I kind of lost it. I was just looking for one or two big punches at a time. I landed a few shots but with his experience he was able to keep moving. I don't take nothing away from Shane, he's a great fighter and that was definitely a good learning experience for me."

GL: You've been in there with both Judah and Mosley so who do you think would win if they fought?

DE: "I think that Mosley hits a lot harder than Judah but if Zab puts his punches together real good he might win a decision. Mosley has a good chance too, he would have to put a lot of pressure on Zab. But there's no way Zab could stop him."

GL: Did it bother you that some people are questioning Mosley because he didn't stop you? And do you think Mosley will be able to return to welterweight prominence?

DE: "I think he has what it takes. What people fail to realize is, they think I'm an average fighter. They forget that I have a hard head and I'm ready to fight anybody. There's champs with more losses than I have and I really don't care about commentators and all that shit because they don't got nothing good to say about me anyway. If I'm in there beating the shit out of somebody they won't say nothing good, they just won't say nothing bad. They always talk good about my opponent when I fight and they don't say shit about me.

"Right now I have no idea when my next fights take place, I'm waiting for something to come up and I'm ready for anyone. I don't want to fight prospects I want to fight the best out there and I'm going to make sure I make things different next time."


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