One on One With Brian Viloria

By Darren Nichols


One on One With Brian Viloria

Viloria ready to become WBC champ!

He’s was ready a month ago, but when the “Million Dollar Lady” card fell through, so did Brian Viloria’s chance at Eric Ortiz’ WBC Junior Flyweight Title.  However, The Hawaiian Punch will get his chance at Ortiz the same night Erik Morales and Manny Pacquiao fight in separate bouts on September 10th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  BoxingTalk recently spoke with Viloria to get his thoughts on fighting for his first major title of his career, what he has been doing to keep himself busy since the postponement, and how he has been handling the media attention from his last fight when his opponent Ruben Contreras was hospitalized for brain trauma.

BoxingTalk: Is it true that Ruben Contreras will be sitting ringside for your next fight on September 10th?

Brian Viloria: Yes.  He has gone through rehab.  He’s with his family, and he’s back to 100%.

BoxingTalk: What has this past few months been like for you as Contreras and his condition has been mentioned often in the boxing press?

Brian Viloria: There has been a lot of praying going on.  It was really a tough situation.  I don’t wish anyone to have to go through that type of situation in their life.  It has been made easier for me because I had support from my friends and family.  They told me that I went in the ring and did what I had to do.  We all knew what the risks were, and it was unfortunate that it all happened.  I took it all day by day, but I couldn’t let it distract me too much about my title fight against Eric Ortiz.  I had to continue on with my training.  When I knew that Contreras was all well and back home with his family, I didn’t worry about it anymore.  It was a big weight off my shoulders, that chapter was closed, and I went full gear for this world title fight.

BoxingTalk: Did you talk to Contreras at all after your fight with him?

Brian Viloria: No, they had really strict rules about visitors, but I told my management to please send my best wishes if they saw him, and hopefully on September 10th he’ll show up and we can chat it up a bit.

BoxingTalk: You were supposed to fight Eric Ortiz on the undercard of Martin – Rijker on July 30th, but that obviously fell through.  What have you been doing to keep yourself busy until September 10th?

Brian Viloria: I have kept in shape, and stayed in the gym.  I slowed my pace a couple weeks ago so that I wouldn’t wear myself thin for my fight against Ortiz next month.

BoxingTalk: How are you getting ready to take on the WBC junior flyweight champ Eric Ortiz?

Brian Viloria: I have been training really hard, sparring 10 and 12 rounds with 3 or 4 sparring partners.  I have been doing the same things I have been doing for the past couple months, just trying to maintain my shape, and not peaking myself too early.

BoxingTalk: Your past three fights have ended early, but what happens if you get in the ring on September 10th and Ortiz can take your best punch?

Brian Viloria: I’ve been in the ring with so many different styles.  I have been in there with guys who could take my shots, but I’m a really good boxer.  I can box when I need to and I can brawl when I need to.  It depends on what Ortiz brings to the table, and I’m just going to have to figure it out from there.

BoxingTalk: If victorious against Ortiz, would you stay at 108 to defend your junior flyweight title?

Brian Viloria: I would talk it over first with my manager Gary Gittelsohn to see what the best move is.  Most likely I would get back to 112.  Bob Arum had a talk about me fighting Jorge Arce, which would be a huge fight, but right now, I’m not looking over fighting Eric Ortiz.  This is a huge fight for me, and I’m just going to go in there and finish Ortiz off before I look towards anything else.

BoxingTalk: This has got to be the biggest fight in your career to date.  What is your mindset going into this fight compared to some of your others?

Brian Viloria: I’m training harder for this fight.  I’m sparring a lot more rounds then I normally do, and my life has been strictly boxing in order to get myself ready both physically and mentally.

BoxingTalk thanks Mr. Viloria for taking the time to speak with us.  We wish him continued success both in and out of the ring


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