One on One with Joe DeGuardia

By G. Leon


One on One with Joe DeGuardia

GL: You've got Maddalone facing Evander Holyfield on Saturday night. Can you give us some thoughts on that fight? "It's a great, great opportunity for Vinnie. I think it's two warriors going head to head. Vinnie's a banger and he's got as good a shot as anyone in there. He's hungry and he's training hard. He's going up against a guy that's a legend, but he's working hard and you're going to see a hungry fighter in there, much like Rocky."

GL: Do you think Evander is taking him lightly?

Joe DeGuardia: "No. I think Evander will be in shape and he will be ready. He's a real pro and he's always been a real pro. He's always been a real disciplined guy. Who gave Rocky a shot against Apollo Creed? Sure that's the movies, but there's a lot of fights that turned out that way and I think Vinnie's got that kind of heart. He's training like an animal and he's been hitting the beef."

GL: When can we expect to see Tarver back in the ring?

JD: "Very soon. It's going to be something nice and we're looking forward to it."

GL: When can expect the announcement Joe?

JD: "Later this week or early next week."

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on Arnaoutis-Holt, which is scheduled to take place on Shobox April 20?

JD: That's a purist dream. On March 17 you have Holyfield-Maddalone then we have a special Shobox out at Bally's and it's going to be a great fight between two of the best junior welterweights in the world, the Greek Warrior Mike Arnaoutis and Kendall Holt. That's one fight I'm really looking forward to and I think all boxing fans feel the same way. I think Arnaoutis is going to come through, but you could toss a coin on who's going to win that fight."

GL: Word is it could be an exciting weekend for Star Boxing in Atlantic City that weekend.

JD: "It very well could be, so book your trips now because it could be a very big weekend in Atlantic City."

GL: And as far as this big weekend relating to Mr. Tarver?

JD: "No comment."

GL: What else is shaking with Star Boxing?

JD: "We're going to be at the Paradise on April 11 with Raymond Joval and Willie Gibbs headling an ESPN card. People from all corner of the world get involved with this sport, and I think it's only fitting that our schedule is as follows. On March 23 we've got the Dominican Delvin Rodriguz. On April 11 we've got Russia and the Ukraine with Andrey Tsurkan. On April 20 we've got the Greek Warrior Mike Arnaoutis and next week maybe I'll have another surprise for you with another ethnic specialty."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JD: "The next six weeks are going to be very exciting for Star Boxing. We intend to bring the United Nations of boxing to fans with a variety of star studded fights."

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