One On One with Jameel McCline

By Brad Cooney


One On One with Jameel McCline

Boxingtalk caught up with Heavyweight contender, Jameel “Big Time” McCline.  Jameel informed Boxingtalk that he just today received his contract to fight former Heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko.  The tentative date that they are talking about for this fight is for September 21st, in Munich Germany.  McCline also updates us on the knee injury that he suffered in his last title challenge against Nikolay Valuev, back in January, 2007.

BC – How is the knee healing up?

JM – My knee is structurally sound now.  There is no more pain in the knee now, it's healed, now I am at the point where I am trying to regain strength back into my quad.  I lost all the muscle in the leg, from not using the knee.  That's no big deal though, I have been working out all of my life, so I will get the muscle back up real soon.

BC – What exactly happened that night, do you know how you suffered the injury?

JM – It was at the very end of the third round.  The bell rang, and I went down simultaneously.
It took me about 4 minutes to figure the guy out before that happened.  After about 4 minutes, It looked like I was completely about to take over the fight.  He hit me with a tremendous right hand early in the second round, and after that I said to myself that if that's what he's got, I can step up my game.  All of the sudden I threw a left and a right, and when I threw the right hand over the top, I blew my knee somehow.

BC – So it was just a freak accident?

JM – Yep, it was just one of those freak things.  I have never had any knee problems up until that night, none.

BC – It had to have been frustrating for you being so close to the Heavyweight title.

JM – I can remember laying in the ambulance looking up at the ceiling, and I talked to God, I said  'Do you think maybe you can give me just one of these”.  It was my third title shot, so yes it was frustrating.  I am back in the gym now, and I am getting ready for Vitali Klitschko.

BC – You have a contract yet ?

JM – We just received a contract today, so we know that they are very serious.

BC – How do you see yourself matching up against Vitali?

JM – Listen, I would have beaten Vitali when I was fighting Valuev that night.  He can't beat me.

BC – Where is this fight with Vitali Klitschko going to take place, and when?

JM – I believe they are talking about September 21st, in Munich.

BC – Back to Valuev for a minute.  How was it fighting a guy bigger than you? That doesn't happen to much (laughs).

JM – The guy was a giant, but again it took us about 4 minutes to figure him out.  Everything that we worked on about him in camp happened a lot earlier than we thought.  We were very pleased with how well we studied him, and how it was working out in the ring.

BC – Always a pleasure talking to you, do you have any closing thoughts for your fans?

JM – I want to thank my fans for sticking by me.  Before it's all said and done, we will put this one out.

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