One On One With Yoel Judah

By Brad Cooney


One On One With Yoel Judah

Three time world champion, Zab "Super" Judah makes his return to the ring on June 9th, at Madison Square Garden.  Zab will face the undefeated Miguel Cotto in what is being described as a "very important" fight for Zab's career by his father/trainer Yoel.  Brian Young's Prize Fight Promotions and Zab Judah's Super Promotions continue a successful relationship together, and look forward to bringing the superman back to his home of New York to face the tough Miguel Cotto.  This fight can be seen on HBO PPV on June 9th, 2007.

BC - Before we get to Zab, what are your thoughts on the Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather Jr fight.

YJ - I thought it was a pretty good fight, I thought Oscar won the fight though.  I thought Oscar edged it out, but Mayweather's own father said it, he said Oscar won the fight, so there it is.

BC - Do you think that by Oscar abandoning his jab late in the fight, that did him in?

YJ - I think Oscar still did enough to win the fight.  I thought Oscar threw more punches, and he was the aggressor in the fight.  Floyd just ran around the ring, and threw pot shots, but he never fought Oscar once.  The judges are crazy.

BC - Floyd tells everyone that he's the best ever, and when you look back at fighters like Thomas Hearns, and Ray Leonard, does that bother you at all to hear him say that?

YJ - Nah, it don't bother me.  Floyd is going to be Floyd, I just wish that after we do what were going to do with Cotto, he gives us a chance to get him again.  He is telling people that he is retiring, but we all know that's a lie.  Everybody knows it's a lie, that's just a money move, that's all.

BC - Zab Judah fights Miguel Cotto on June 9th in New York, how's camp going so far?

YJ - Camp is going great, we started off in New York City 3 months ago, then we went to Florida, now we are in Memphis.  I am also training Shannon Briggs, WBO Heavyweight Champion.  Zab is looking sharp, you're going to see the old Zab, a lot of punches, and basically just out boxing Cotto.  Zab is going to put on a masterpiece on June 9th.

BC - Initially more people were leaning towards Cotto in this fight, but lately it seems people are swinging towards Zab Judah, what are your thoughts on that?

YJ - It's going to be what it's going to be.  Cotto has never fought a fighter like Zab, and I promise you at the end of the day, he isn't going to beat Zab.  Cotto is good strong kid, nothing personal towards him, but he never seen a guy that can move, and has the speed and power, and combinations that Zab has.

BC - Do you consider Cotto a B class fighter?

YJ - Yes, I have always said that, he's a B class fighter that has only fought B class fighters.  I think his promotional company set him up, you don't just pick Zab Judah to fight.  We were shocked that he even signed this contract to fight us.  We will be ready on June 9th, believe that!

BC - When I saw Zab fight Ruben Galvan in Memphis, I saw blood in Zab's eyes, he tried to kill that guy.

YJ - I wish they would have gave Galvan an 8 count and sent him back out there, he would have been laying on his face, we all knew what would have happened.  That was no head-butt that cut Galvan's head, it was all punches, a right hook and an upper-cut that opened him up. 

BC - Zab has been in there with guys with bigger names than Cotto, but do you consider this fight to be the biggest as far as importance in Zab's career?

YJ - This is a very important fight, coming off of a year suspension.  We were shocked that Cotto signed this contract, he's the one that has to prove things, Zab doesn't have to prove anything.  Cotto will have to prove if he can deal with a masterful boxer with speed, power, and accuracy.

BC - What's the biggest difference that you see in Zab from a year ago?

YJ - He's more mature, he has a family now, and he wants this fight more than anything.  I wouldn't advise anyone to miss this fight.

BC - Do you see a more focused and determined Zab for this camp?

YJ - We have Super Promotions, in conjunction with our partners in Memphis, Prize Fight Promotions.  Brian Young and those guys in Memphis are our partners, and we are doing an excellent job together.  Zab is very hungry, and very determinted.  Zab just wants to go out there and give back to the fans.  Without the people we are nothing, we love our fans, and we give all the credit to the people.  We are going to the homeless, and helping the homeless, and we are helping out those less fortunate, it's all about that, giving back to the people.

BC - Zab definitely has a second home in Memphis, the people love him in Memphis.   Zab spends hours signing autographs, and taking pictures with the fans down there, and now you guys are bringing him back to New York.  Talk about the big venue,  Madison Square Garden.

YJ - Well listen, Cotto has a big fan base in New York too.  We got Brooklyn, and the rest of New York coming for us, Manhattan, Bronx, so I think it may be equal.  Cotto to me is just not on our level, he's a good fighter, but listen, anybody that gets in the ring with Zab is going to get hurt, and come June 9th we are going to show the world why they call Zab the comeback kid.

BC - Do you think Zab will knock Cotto out?

YJ - I'm not going to say a knockout, I'll say punish.  I think Zab is going to punish Cotto, if a knockout comes, it will come late.  Zab is going to punish Cotto really bad, he is going to throw everything in the book at him.

BC - Talk about your other sons in the fight game, Daniel, Josiah, and Joseph.

YJ - Yes, Joseph is my Golden Glover, Daniel had an operation on his shoulder, and Josiah might be on the Jermain Taylor vs Cory Spinks card.  Joseph will make his pro debut in August, or September.  Again, we couldn't do any of this without the fans, and the people, and we want to give back to them.  We have some tickets set aside for free for some of the homeless up in New York, that's what it's all about.

BC - Do you have any closing thoughts for the fans?

YJ - I want to again thank the fans around the world, we will continue to help the community, the homeless, we will always give back to the people.  Without the people, we are nothing.


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