Once Rivals Now Partners: Tito and Winky look Wright together!

By Socrates Palmer Jr


Once Rivals Now Partners: Tito and Winky look Wright together!

“No, Oscar, no Bernard, it’s all about Winky. Winky is the man in 2006”!  These were a few of the words spoken by the Puerto Rican boxing legend, Felix “Tito” Trinidad. The charismatic former world champion was in New York City on Saturday to finalize a historic new deal with former ring opponent Ronald “Winky” Wright. As surprising as this may seem if you look at this new promotional merger it is simply the new wave trend. A partnership between former ring rivals was made vogue by Golden Boy CEO, Oscar De La Hoya. The former multi world champion as is public record, in the past year and a half has inked two of his former conquerors Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins and “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

The duo prior to their promotional ring work took timeout to partake in the now infamous Busta Rhymes video shoot. The video shoot, turned a sour note when 29 year old Brooklyn native Israel Ramirez a body guard, for the Hip Hop music star was tragically gunned down outside of a Brooklyn warehouse where this music video was being filmed. The song “Touch It the Remix” will feature the aforementioned boxing superstars. Along with the appearances of Wright and Trinidad there was a who’s who of rap royalty. Most notables were Mary J. Blige, .50 Cents, DMX, Lloyd Banks and Missy Elliott and also well known New York radio personalities D.J. Kay Slay and Angie Martinez all were part of this extravagant collaboration being orchestrated by director Benny Boom.

“I have 5 daughters who I love very much. They need their father in their lives full time. Through boxing I have put myself in a position economically that I do not need to fight anymore. I’ve accomplished many things in my career, I’m happy being retired. I have no complaints and have no regrets about my career inside the ring. Its now Winky’s time to do bigger things in boxing. He’s a good guy and I want to be a part of that,” said Trinidad.

“As a fighter I think I put a lot of smiles on the faces of people and during my ring career I accomplished a lot of personal goals. Also I feel through my accomplishments I gave a lot to boxing. As a promoter I feel I can help the sport that has given me so much. As a promoter you have the ability to give the fans what they want to see the best matches and quality boxing,” said Trinidad.

Trinidad who refers to New York as a second home was in town for less than 24 hours. During his visit he was accompanied by his younger brother Carlos and long time advisor and friend Jose Ramos. Trinidad told Boxingtalk, that being a promoter is not something that he took up just to stay busy. According to the future Hall of Famer, he along with various business investments and interest such as raising horses, he serves on the board of children charities such as the “Children with Aids Foundation.” Trinidad along with Roberto Clemente Jr., are board members of this organization that helps needy children around the world who have been stricken by AIDS.

“Being a promoter is one way for me to stay close to boxing. I also have much other interest in life as well. I try to stay accessible to my people back home in Puerto Rico. I try to always remain humble and charitable. It’s the way I raised. Boxing will always be in my blood”, stated Trinidad.


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