Oleg Maskaev ready to become a Nigerian's Nightmare

By G. Leon


Oleg Maskaev ready to become a Nigerian's Nightmare

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on your fight with Sam Peter finally getting done? "I'm the champion so sooner or later I had to fight someone and he's the top contender. I have to fight this guy and then I'll move on to bigger fights. This is my fight and I"m going to make sure I'll be ready for this figh. I'll be in good shape, I'll be ready to fight and ready to put on a good show."
GL: What does this fight mean to you?

Oleg Maskaev: "In boxing every fight is a big step and each victory is very important. This is the next fight of my career and I have to win. If I want to have better opportunies to fight again I have to win. If you lose that's it, you lose opportunies and the belt and then and it's a long routine and road to the same position where I am right now."

GL: Does it bother you that a lot of the experts and other heavyweights are favoring Peter in this fight?

OM: "People aren't looking at my history. Every fight of mine I was underdog so it doesn't scare me. It's always been like that.

GL: How do you feel about fighting at Madison Square Garden?

OM: "I fought there a couple of times at Madison Square Garden and I like it. As the champion this will be my first fight. A lot of Russians from Brooklyn and New York will come to see the fight and I will not disappoint them.

GL: Do you think this fight will go the distance?

OM: "No idea, I'm not an expert and I don't know what's going to happen. It can go the distance or it can be short and stopped in a couple of rounds. I'm going to tell you something, the heavyweight division today is very seldom that a couple of strong guys can stand there and fight for all twelve rounds."

GL: How do you like training in the Poconos?

OM: "It's beautiful here set up nice. The boxing gym, the room and the food are all close to each other. Not a lot of people no distractions, it's perfect for me.

GL: What will be the difference in this fight that leads to an Oleg Maskaev victory?

OM: "The difference will be because I come to all of my fights with a different plan. My trainer and I have already sat down and talked about it so we're going to have three plans for this fight and we're going to switch them any way we want to.

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

OM: "First of all, I am a Christian so I would like to say God bless everyone. I love everyone and I wish everyone the best. Come out to Madison Square Garden on October 6. Is going to be a great night of boxing."

Showtime Championship Boxing will televise Maskaev-Peter live from Madison Square Garden on October 6.


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