Of Course Darchinyan's Power Means Certain Doom for Maldanado

By Darren Nichols


Of Course Darchinyan's Power Means Certain Doom for Maldanado

"If you’re better than me then come get my belt. I can show you my power then."

BoxingTalk:  Vic, you have a big fight with Luis Maldanado coming up on the undercard of Corrales-Castillo III.  How is preparation going for that fight?

Vic Darchinyan:  Preparation is good.  I started training in Australia 8 weeks ago, and I came over here to America early to get accustomed for the fight.  I have been training in Phoenix, Arizona, and on the 25th,  I’ll go to L.A. and train with Israel Vasquez to get ready for this fight.

BoxingTalk:  Are you working on anything specific for your fight against Maldanado?

Vic Darchinyan:  No, I have just been working on my fitness training, and my sparring.  I know I’m very strong and I know I need to defeat Maldanado.  I know he’s a good fighter, a good puncher, and I’m happy that  I have a lot of time to prepare for this fight.

BoxingTalk:  Do you believe that your power will be the key to your victory against Maldanado?

Vic Darchinyan:  Of course. I know that my power and by fighting smart I will defeat Maldanado.

BoxingTalk:  I spoke with your trainer Jeff Fenech recently and he said that you should win by knockout.  Do you agree?

Vic Darchinyan:  Of course I agree.  I’m powerful, this guy has never been stopped, and if I win I know I will win by knockout.

BoxingTalk:  What I know about Maldanado is that he’s undefeated but has not faced any stiff competition.  What do you know about Maldanado, and does his undefeated record concern you at all?

Vic Darchinyan:  Luis Maldanado is a good fighter and he can punch, but I love fighting these guys who are undefeated.  I like fights with good boxers and even though Maldanado hasn’t fought the best he’s still not bad.

BoxingTalk:  Is this fight just a stepping stone to face Jorge Arce in the near future?

Vic Darchinyan:  I’ve been to Mexico to get Arce to fight me. He said he wanted to move up after his last fight because he had issue with his weight.  If he had trouble with his weight then just tell me and I’ll move up with him to fight him, but he doesn’t want to fight me.  I’ve challenged him personally in the ring, I’ve sent him messages, but Arce has never sent a message back to me.  I’ll fight him in America or in his own country, but he never says that he will fight me.

BoxingTalk:  Do you feel you can be at your best in the flyweight division?

Vic Darchinyan:  I know I’m the best flyweight.  If someone feels they are better than me, then I’m happy to give them my belt.  If you’re better than me then come get my belt.  I can show you my power then.  If these fighters say they are champions why do they run away from me?  Because they scared of me.

BoxingTalk:  What can we expect from you on June 3rd?

Vic Darchinyan:  On June 3rd, I know this fight will be televised in over 100 countries, and I’ll show the world my power, and that I can face any fighter.  Every fight I am in I will go into the ring to show my power, that I can go forward, push my opponents, and be challenged.  I love being challenged.  I’m looking forward to this fight, and I thank Gary Shaw for putting me on this big fight card.  Hopefully there will be bigger fights in the future with HBO and Showtime.


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