O'Neil Bell calls out James Toney!

By G. Leon


O'Neil Bell calls out James Toney!

GL: What's good O'Neil? What's the latest? "Everything is good man. I just wanted to see what's going out there in the boxing world. I want to fight the big boys, starting with big fat ass James Toney. He's on my mind right now. I'm looking for a challenge and I'm looking for someone to bring the best out of me, and I think he's good enough to do it."

GL: James Toney is a heavyweight O'Neil. Does this mean you're planning a move up to heavyweight?

O'Neil Bell: "If I said it I meant it. He's one of the best out there pound for pound and I respect James Toney and I respect what he has done, but he's got something I want to take and that's his credibility as one of the baddest men in boxing."

GL: It's been a while since you unified the division, what are you walking around at these days and how do you feel about this inactive stretch?

OB: "My weight is never a factor, I'm about 200 pounds right now but I'm telling you I can sustain any of those big boys man."

GL: How do you feel about not fighting since January 7?

OB: "I want to get in the ring as soon as possible, and right now we're talking about possibly fighting David Haye who is #4 in the WBC. But my heart is stepping up to take the challenges. The cruiserweight division is still in shambles and I don't really think fighting someone like Steve Cunningham does anything for me. I'm saying go prove something first, I'm not running or anything but beating him does nothing for me. If none of the big boys are unavailable or don't want to fight me I can always fight guys like me because there's no doubt I run cruiserweight right now."

GL: After a couple of discussions with Leon Margules, your promoter might feel that you allowed outside influences to cost you the IBF title. How do you feel about losing the IBF belt and not fighting Cunningham for the strap?

OB: "I understand their situation but I was in a situation where I couldn't train for two or three weeks due to a dental surgery that I had. As far as outsdie influences, I never seen a promoter who has the best guy out there and that guy wants to fight everybody but they can't move me right. I'm really in shambles right now and I'm still can't figure out why I'm not fighting."

GL: Prior to its cancellation I heard you were going to compete in the Superfighter tourney. What can you tell us about and what are the chances that you're next fight takes place at heavyweight?

OB: "We'll see. If Toney is not worthy or someone else out there wants to fight me, I'm ready. I was going to do the Superfighter and if that happens I would definitely be fighting heavyweight, so if the fight was big enough I would fight heavyweight in my next fight with no problem. Guys like Antonio Tarver are still running, I heard him mention my name but I doubt he'll ever get in the ring with me, he'd rather pop off with his mouth than let his fists do the talking with me."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

OB: "Whether it's fat man Toney or any other heavyweight that means something if you're looking for a fight I'm ready. I'm ready to mix it up with the big boys and I'm continue to prove the doubters wrong. I'm looking to make an impact and get the notoriety that a fighter of my caliber deserves."


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