O'Neil Bell: Mormeck will get destroyed!

By G. Leon


O'Neil Bell: Mormeck will get destroyed!

GL: What's the latest and greatest with O'Neil Bell? "The latest and greatest is they finally let me off the chain. You know how the system does and you know what they do to truth, they conceal it until they can't take it no more and then it explodes. Right now I'm off the chain, Mormeck, March 17 about to do the thing one more time and hopefully the world can see me recognized as the undisputed. My titles have never been taken, I'm still the IBF, WBA and WBC and anybody who wants to come test they can see me."

GL: How do you feel about having to fight Mormeck in his backyard and not having the fight televised live on HBO or Showtime?

O'Neil Bell: "It's a lovely thing. I look for excitement and I look for situations like this, it's only going to fuel me. I got to go over there to beat him in his country, but this is what champions are made of. I don't want to be the champion of the United States, I want to be the champion of the world. I defeated the South African, the Canadian and the Frenchman. Now I've got to fight the Frenchman again so it's a worldwide domination, it's a new order."

GL: Are you concerned that you could get screwed fighting over there?

OB: "What can I do but knock him out and put him to sleep? We all know the situation, I'm going out there and I have to knock him out. Are they going to give me a decision over there? Hell no, I might have to put him to sleep to where he never f**king wakes up."

GL: Do you feel he deserves to fight for the titles after not having done anything since your first fight?

OB: "He's the only man out there that wants me. I made three or four call outs that amounted to nothing. The Byrd shit did nothing, Toney didn't bite back someone else dodged me so what could I do. I gave him a rematch because no one else is out there and this is a fight that's good for boxing."

GL: I understand that you'll be training in Big Bear for this fight, what made you decide to train there?

OB: "I haven't fought in fourteen months and it's not to say that I want to get refocused, but I want to get extremely focused for this one. I'm going to his home country and this is a new fight and a new year, I need to get my thoughts right for execution, I'm going over there for the kill. People can take it out of context, but the game made me this way.  Let's see what transpires on March 17, the blood is on the game's shoulders it's not on mine. It's on the business of the f**king sport for not allowing me to fight, it's not vengeful, but it's definitely motivating to me in a sense."

GL: In the first fight you took him to the deep waters and drowned him. What can we expect to see differently in the rematch?

OB: "I just came back from the press conference a few days ago and I told Mormeck face to face that I hope he brings something new. I want to compliment my style with his style and I must rise to the occasion for this one. I'm charged, I've got shit on my mind that I got to let off. I've got to express myself in a dentrimental way. I'm up here in big bear and I'm focusing on my shit and I promise to God I'm going to take one of my sparring partners out to prove my concentration and motivation for what's going to happen on March 17."

GL: Although you haven't fought since January, Mormeck has only put in four rounds against a nobody. Does that make you feel more comfortable going into a fight of this magnitude following such a long layoff?

OB: "That fight he had was nothing, it was just something to rebuild his confidence. He had someone in there who had no business being in the ring with him. I know I'm superior to him and I know I will be victorious again. I put aside all of the hype and everything that happened last year because I'm a new man now and everyone is going to see the end of my destruction on March 17.

GL: In the first fight the body work played a heavy role in your victory, do you expect that to be the case again?

OB: "You know I didn't go to the body as much as I should have, but I noticed that when I did go to the body he folded and he couldn't take it. All I'm saying is I'm going to be dominant and it's going to be very detrimental to Mormeck."

GL: After you unified the division you were looking forward to doing big things in 2006 and then nothing happened. How frustrating was that and do you plan on taking out that frustration on Jean Marc Mormeck?

OB: "Exactly, you have to channel the bad stuff that happens and use it for good. The great ones do that I'm hoping to become one of the great ones. My mindset is on execution. I'm going to France and I can't afford to go over there to lose. The public hasn't seen me in fourteen months so I must shine tremendously and elegantly to the brightest of my potential."

GL: If everything goes your way on March 17 will you look to make fights with guys like Hopkins, Jones, Tarver or any of the smaller heavyweights?

OB: "That would be a great thing because I would get to display my talents. The world hasn't seen what I'm capable of because I haven't found the rival to bring it out of me. I've been calling out the best but they don't want me, but if it's Roy or Hopkins, it doesn't matter. I've never ducked or dodged and I want the best."

GL: Before we move onto closing thoughts, can you let us know who manages O'Neil Bell?

OB: "I represent myself so if anyone is out there saying they're managing me or speaking up for me, the Glenn Tobey's, everybody that I excommunicated from my Team is no longer with me. I'm not with any of them, I'm a professional and I will continue to be that. When the victory day comes on March 17 I'm going to put them on blast and let them know who I'm running with. Supernova is about to turn a new light on, you're going to have to give me my recognition. Stop trying to derail me with the Jim Thomas, I know you're out there. I have proof of all that shit and it ain't no slander. I'd put dollars on it, keep it on Boxingtalk until you get a response from those jokers, f**k em."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

OB: "My fans if you're riding with me, ride or die because I've never steered you wrong. Everything I've said I've done and will continue to do."


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