Nunez puts Warren on blast!


Nunez puts Warren on blast!

Frankly speaking, one manager to another, I am shocked and appalled to hear how Frank Warren has summarily kicked you to the curb.  I will be coming soon to Scotland with my charge, Joan "Sycuan Warrior" Guzman, to engage in gloved combat for the WBO featherweight title, and I was so looking forward to matching wits and, perhaps, hoisting a pint with you.

      Read on, and I’ll explain how we still can tilt a bit of grog, this time on the same side of a tiny East End London pub, so to speak.

      Of course, it was an abject disappointment to learn that the ruthless and now Maloneyless Warren has, as you say in the UK, "sacked" you or made you "redundant."  It's Warren's loss because you have forgotten more about the ins and outs of boxing than he will ever know.  Sucking up to TV "suits" is Warren's forte, yes, but he barely knows a left hook from a fish hook. You're no pugilistic pygmy; your shrewd handling of Lennox Lewis underlines that.

     But the die is cast and I’m sure you and brother Eugene won't have to go back behind the stick at the Croydon Arms or whatever the name of that tiny pub was.

     Speaking of "stick," I know you begged and pleaded for WBO champ Scott Harrison to dodge my Dominican tiger, Guzman, and move up in weight.  That would have been the smart move but you were overruled by Scott and his father.  Of course, Warren did not back your intelligent play.  You probably resembled a porcupine victim after Warren was done undermining your efforts with Harrison.  Surely you knew “Back Stabbers" is one of his favorite R&B songs.

     So, Frank, get your Union Jack suit out of the dry cleaners, because I can use a crafty lad like you in Guzman's corner on fight night in Glasgow and in the run-up to "Fire And Fury."

      I invite you to join Team Guzman and ride the victory train with us. 

      Now we know where Warren got the "Fire" part in that he planned to fire you.  The "Fury" part comes when Guzman starts clocking Harrison right after the opening bell.  They say revenge is a dish best served cold.  Join us, Frank, and it will be delivered quite frosty to your ex-partner.