No Quit in Diego Corrales

By Ricardo Lois


No Quit in Diego Corrales

Back against the wall, clearly trailing on points going into the seventh round, the Northern California native, Diego "Chico" Corrales, continued to dredge forward throwing punches, waiting for the quicksilver of Acelino "Popo" Freitas to subside, waiting to strike down the previously undefeated Brazilian.

While Chico clearly lacked boxing style and speed against Freitas, the lean and lanky gladiator possessed a bigger heart and greater sense of determination. Taking several punches to land a few through out the first eight rounds, Corrales was not to be discouraged.

Less than a minute left in round eight, as Freitas controlled the fight with his unorthodox side to side movement and wild left and right hands, the constant plodding of Corrales paid off like a slot machine ready to bust, hammering Brazil's pugilistic hero with a shattering right hand.

Not only does the power of Corrales make him as dangerous as they come in the fight game, his weaknesses lure in boxers. Chico's history of flash knockdowns against Floyd Mayweather Junior and Joel Casamayor entice the opposition's attempts of slaying the undeterred Corrales.

Unfortunately, wild power shots against Diego can incite mind altering counter-punches, which was the case Saturday night. After Freitas was down in the eighth round, he revisited the unforgiving canvas in the ninth and tenth rounds.

In his final knockdown, getting kissed behind the left ear by Diego's right hand, in the tenth round, the previously undefeated Freitas stood to his feat and walked to his corner calling it a night.

Freitas crumbled under the incredible will and pressure of Diego Corrales. A will and desire to succeed that Chico has possessed during his the entire span of his public.

Fourteen months in the belly of the beast for spousal abuse did not destroy the man.

Five knockdowns against Floyd Mayweather Junior did not keep Corrales from getting up.

After suffering a horrid cut in the upper lip against Joel Casamayor in their classic first encounter, Chico wanted one more round to put the cagey Cuban to sleep.

Diego Corrales' warrior spirit makes him one of the most dangerous men in the sport of boxing.


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