Nighthawk Luna to make pro debut in Texas


Nighthawk Luna to make pro debut in Texas

Press Release: Cestus Management’s new junior welterweight, Robert "Nighthawk" Luna, Jr. will make his professional debut on November 8th against New Orleans Dwayne Jones (0-3).  The bout will be part of a fight card promoted by Jessie Ravelo of Class Act Promotions and will take place in Round Rock, Texas (call 254-291-3347 for tickets). 

As the weeks have gone by, Luna is anxious to get in the “squared-circle” as his professional debut has been a long time coming.  Luna, from his training camp in San Antonio, Texas, said, “It feels like I have been training forever and now I’m ready to unleash myself on my opponent. I am now making my pro debut, which is a dream come true and have a company like Cestus behind me who are taking care of my career. Now I know i will make it.”  Luna added, “I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be a professional fighter and show the discipline and hard work taught to me by the Air Force (U.S. Military). I served my country in Iraq and Afghanistan as a proud soldier; now i want to serve boxing as a proud fighter.  I want to thank Cestus Management for believing in me; they have helped me to be in a place where i want to be, so there is no excuses for faliure; I promise i will deliver". 

Cestus CEO Gina Iacovou said, “Robert is a remarkebly, strong and talented fighter with a lot of potential and marketability.  Once the other fighters in his weight division see his power punching style, Robert will be well on his way to making his mark as one of the premier prospects at 140-pounds". Iacovou added, "Cestus is so proud of Robert,  he is an ex-active soldier who proudly volunteered to fight for the United States in Iraq and Afghanistan and continues to give to his community by starting and running a non-profit boxing gym for San Antonio's (Texas) youth who at risk.  That really shows the kind of outstanding person that Robert is and I believe that he will also show his class in the boxing ring as his career progresses. We believe that there is no doubt that he will climb the ladder and bring home many championship titles in the not too distant future".   

Mike Michael, who is Cestus Management’s founder and Exclusive Advisor, added, “On November 8, 'The NIGHTHAWK' will be D-Day;  I know that Robert, who is always in phenomenal condition, will step into that ring in Round Rock (Texas) and take care of business.  The fans will see  power, speed and true boxing ability from this exceptionaly talented fighter. On November 8th the "NIGHTHAWK will invade  Round Rock Texas, ready to rumble and make an electrifying professional debut!”

In closing, Michael said, “I would also like to give my gratitude to my good friend  Anthony Velasquez of Gente Entertainment for his non-stop support and also a big thank you to Jessie Ravelo of Class Act Promotions for working with us".