Nate Campbell: Juan Diaz is nothing but a bully!

By G. Leon


Nate Campbell: Juan Diaz is nothing but a bully!

GL: We're less than two weeks away from the biggest fight of your life, what's the latest and greatest? How are you feeling? "I'm feeling great. Everything is going good. Camp is going great. I'm in great shape and I could make weight today if I needed to."

GL: Would you say this is the best training camp of your life?

Nate Campbell: "I don't do that. I don't say things like that. This has been a great camp, but I train hard all of the time so every camp is a good camp."

GL: Juan Diaz has been stepping up his level of opposition drastically, he's not taking a step down by fighting you. Both Freitas and Diaz failed to work his body, will you make the same mistake?

NC:  "I'm a body puncher, so this job on I'm going to do to him is going to be the highlight of my career. He stepped up in his last two fights, but he stepped up against two washed up guys. Guys that were looking for paydays, I'm looking to change my life when the bell rings."

GL: So it's safe to say you're going to be working the body early and often?

NC: "All night long."

GL: Before you left for camp your answer was, as long as he can take it. Does Diaz go the distance?

NC: "It lasts till he can't take no more of it. I don't believe that Juan Diaz is going to be able to take what I'm giving. I don't think he's going to be able to take what I'm dishing. Any bully can throw punches, but it takes a man to take back what the other guy is dishing out. I consider Juan Diaz a good bully. That's why he walks forward to everybody because he's a bully."

GL: Casamayor made it clear to me that he feels you're going to beat Diaz on March 8. What do you think about his fight with Katsidis?

NC: "I hope he wins I thank him for his support and Joel knows what I can do and he knows what kind of puncher I am."

GL: The question was once asked to him who was the hardest puncher he ever faced. He fought Corrales, Castillo and Freitas and he said without thought, Nate Campbell. If we both win our next fights that becomes the fight that needs to be made."

GL: You said you hope he wins. Do you think he's going to win? And would you have no doubts without his subpar showing to Santa Cruz?

NC: "Santa Cruz is nothing. He's ordinary and for Joel to look as bad as he looked is a scary thought. For him to look that way going in against a fresher fighter is a scary thought, but Joel is a tremendous, tremendous, counter puncher and I hope he can pull it off."

GL: How do you feel about fighting a Mexican American champion in Cancun and what does becoming the lightweight champion of the world mean to you?

NC: "First of all I don't care about fighting him in Cancun. He's a Mexican American. They don't get the same love. I'm sure he'll try to be as Mexican as he can be and play that role up, but you can't be as Mexican as you can be when you live in Houston. Becoming world champion for me is a great, great thing. It would be historic, there's only a number of times where a man my age wins a title for the first time."

GL: Closing thoughts?

NC: "I want to thank everybody for supporting me and believing in me. March 8 we're going to grab those world titles and then on May 17 I'm going to get married. After that I'm going to defend my title, defend my title and defend my title."


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