Nate Campbell Invites Julio Diaz to Come Knock Him Out

By Darren Nichols


Nate Campbell Invites Julio Diaz to Come Knock Him Out

"Come on Julio, come knock me out. If you’re going to knock me out, you’ve got to be around long enough to throw a punch."

BoxingTalk:  Nate, what’s the latest?  I heard you have some things you want to get off your chest.

Nate Campbell:  I got a lot to say, especially about Julio Diaz.  The only reason Julio Diaz wants to be champ is for the money.  He’s prostituting his title.  He has never made a mandatory defense.  He got crushed by Jose Luis Castillo, and now he’s going up against Juan Diaz.  You know he’ll vacate if he wins against Juan Diaz.

BoxingTalk:  If you had a choice between facing Julio Diaz or Juan Diaz, who would you choose as your next fight?

Nate Campbell:  All I want is the winner.  I don’t care who wins as long as the winner has the stones to fight me.

BoxingTalk:  Which Diaz do you feel would bring you the most money when you face him?

Nate Campbell:  Probably Juan, but his people will try to get me nothing.

BoxingTalk:  I know in the past that you have felt Julio has been ducking you.  Do you still feel that way?

Nate Campbell: Julio has supposedly sent me a message that I’d be knocked out if I was to fight him.  Come on Julio, come knock me out.  If you’re going to knock me out, you’ve got to be around long enough to throw a punch.

BoxingTalk:  Why do you feel Julio should fight you instead of Juan Diaz?

Nate Campbell:  I’ve fought better competition.  I’m the most feared man in division and I don’t even have a title.

BoxingTalk:  What makes you the most feared man in your division?

Nate Campbell:  I’m an old school fight and if they can make both guys fight me in a month’s time I’d take both of them on.  I’m the prototype of what a fighter should be. 

BoxingTalk:  When can we expect to see you in the ring next?

Nate Campbell:  I’m fighting the night of the Diaz-Diaz fight, on the undercard.

BoxingTalk:  Do you know who your opponent will be?

Nate Campbell:  I don’t know yet who I’m fighting, but I don’t care.  Right about now they could put a bear out in front of me, and you wouldn’t have to worry about me, you would need to worry about the bear.

BoxingTalk:  How is preparation going for your upcoming fight? 

Nate Campbell:  Training is going good.  I’m busting my hump, staying in shape, and walking around the gym around 142-144 pounds.

BoxingTalk:  What would you like to tell your fans that you have on BoxingTalk?

Nate Campbell:  I just want to tell the fans that we’ve come a long way together, and stay with me just a little while longer, and I’ll have those titles for you.



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