By G. Leon



GL: I'm sure you've read our interview with Richard Schaeffer. Is there anything you'd like to say in response to his remarks about the Casmayor fight, and the 50-50 offer Golden Boy made to DKP for a fight with Juan Manuel Marquez? "First of all, I was offended that he would say that they came to me and offered me Juan Manuel Marquez. That's not who I asked them for, I asked them for Casamayor, that's my mandatory. Instead of giving me the fight that I'm supposed to get, the fight that the fans want to see, but they don't want to release the Golden Boy belt and that linear nonsense that they're spreading in the media right now. They don't want to risk that against somebody who is not a Golden Boy fighter, so they offer me Juan Manuel Marquez. Which isn't a problem and he's somebody I'd fight if the WBO would allow it without stripping me. Then he goes on to question my manhood and desire to fight the best fighters out there. OK. Who's the best? And when do they want to fight between July and August? When?

GL: What if a fight can't be made in July or August due to a lack of network dates?

Nate Campbell: "Then that goes to prove what I've been saying to you all the time. Golden Boy is not a promoter, they are a booking agent. They have to suck on the teet of the network to make a fight happen."

GL: They seem to have done a great job of that if Juan Diaz who you just beat has his next date on HBO solidified for September 13 and you're still waiting, correct?

NC: "You know what? All I can truly say about that is this, you could sprinkle icing over shit and tell me it's a cake. But once I bite into it, it's still shit. At the end of the day everybody say me beat the dog mess out of him. That was one of the worst beatings that you have seen go twelve rounds in recent years, and he's got a date. Isn't that special?

GL: Not that you want to answer this question, but if Casamayor-Diaz takes place who do you like?

NC: "Casamayor is a faded shadow of what he used to be, but I still think he's got enough tricks to put it on that young fellow after the beating I just gave him. I did a job on Diaz. I guarantee you he's not the same fighter he was before March 8."

GL: What's the status of the purse-bid?

NC: "The purse bid is his way of stringing out this whole process. If he wouldn't take a 50-50 split, he's definitely not going to take an 80-20 split my way."

GL: If they would have offered the Marquez fight for an earlier date or sometime around when Casamayor and Diaz are supposed to be fighting, would you have...

NC: (cutting in) "I would have gladly agreed to show up and smash that ass."

GL: Is it more a matter of principle then, where you feel you're the man at lightweight and you don't want to be playing second fiddle or the waiting game when a guy you just beat up is fighting the guy you want to fight the most:?

NC: "Right. Let me tell you something. Marquez does not even enter into my process. He doesn't scare. If I wrote you a list of things that scare me, Marquez would not be on it."

GL: Would you wait to make such a decision until after the Pacquiao-Diaz fight, I'm sure you're not in a rush to erase Pacquiao as an option?

NC: "I'm not trying to wait for anybody, I want to fight as soon as possible. Richard Schaeffer and I want to call him something else, he says Marquez is ready to fight. Then prove it, July or August. Other than that, he's just wasting my time. He's a telephone toughguy, but if he saw me in public without any cops or bodyguards around him in an elevator, he wouldn't say shit. He's a telephone toughguy, one of those keyboard gangsters you've told me about."

GL: Closing thoughts?

NC: "Golden Boy needs to stop trying to monopolizing boxing, and they're trying to do it by tearing down the sanctioning bodies and making the Golden Boy Belt, the Ring Belt that title. Guys like Max Kellerman are jumping on that bandwagon about that being the linear belt, but that's linear bullshit. The linear title has been broken more than one time. As soon as this WBO mess is all figured out, I'll be back in the ring by July or August, August the latest.

"Richard Schaeffer and people like him need to stop trying to make fighters look bad to make their promotional company look good. I am not that fight who is afraid to stand up to them nose to nose and face to face. If they thought they had somebody in their stable who could truly beat me, they wouldn't be trying to keep me out of the Manny Pacquiao fight. Evidently they don't think much of Juan Manuel's chances of beating me, because they are in no hurry to make the fight."