Nate Campbell: Diaz not going distance

By G. Leon


Nate Campbell: Diaz not going distance

GL:  Can you give us some thoughts on the Diaz fight now that it's finalized?"I'm excited about the fight.  Everything to me is where it should be.  The politicing is over and we can go to work."

GL:  When is camp going to start for the fight?

Nate Campbell:  You know I'm always training, I only have a few pounds to lose.  I can start camp in a few days, training is always a part of my life.

GL:  Give us your thoughts on Diaz, and how the fight is going to play out.

NC:  You know I was just thinking about that the other day.  I saw a picture of me and Juan Diaz, Panchito Bojado, BJ Flores, Kermit Cintron, when we fought in D.C.  It seems like so long ago '03, but it wasn't that long ago when you think about it.  As a fighter, I think he's matured very well with the opposition that he faced.  I feel like I'm the biggest step up in his career.  I feel like there are things that I bring to the table that guys he's fought before haven't. 

GL:  The last few times you fought for the title you fell short.  What's going to be different about this time?

NC:  I don't have to kill myself to make weight.  I also think that has something to do with why I fell short of getting a title fight.  Someone looked at me and said I looked like a skeleton.  I don't look like a skeleton anymore, I'm not killing myself to make weight.  I'm at my perfect weight.  Since everybody's questioning what's going to be different about this fight, I'm going to make it real easy for everybody to understand.  Through everything that has gone on, I have matured as a fighter.  I know how to deal with people being rude, I have to deal with people not caring.  People not caring and enough about me to want to put me out, and make it hard for me during fights.  I don't even worry about it anymore.  What's different now is that I'm different.  I will be my crowning achievement.  This is something that is historic for me. 

GL:  Do you see the fight going the distance?

NC:  If he can take it. 

GL:  His last two opponents have quit.  Obviously there's no way that's happening in this fight.

NC:  No way.  He's got to knock me out to win, and he's not knocking me out.  Everybody knows I'm the puncher in this fight.  I'm the better body puncher in this fight.  My hand speed is better, I'm more savvy, I'm stronger.  I can fight this fight anyway I want to, inside, outside, up the middle.  Anything I want, I can do.  I garauntee he's never been in the ring with a fighter as dynamic as myself.

GL:  How do you feel about fighting in Cancun?

NC:  I'll fight on the moon if they tell me that's where the fight is.  Everyone is saying I'm fighting in Mexico, and I can't get a fair shake.  As far as I'm concerned, I want to knock him down, I want to knock him out.  I want to put his back on the canvas, I wan't to put his face on the canvas.  I want to put his body on the canvas furthur than the bottom of his feet.

GL:  Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

NC:  I can go for days and days right now.  I'm happy as a clown.  Last week, at this time, I was in limbo.  This week, in my future, it is very evident that I'll have a chance to win a title.  I'm going to make a dent in this sport.  I get to be the fighter that I am.


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